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1 Week 11 onwards Amendments to the Education Programme Education Session today – ‘School Experience Briefing’ Seminars – School Information Week 12 –

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2 1 Week 11 onwards Amendments to the Education Programme Education Session today – ‘School Experience Briefing’ Seminars – School Information Week 12 – October 15 th - Behaviour Management Session Week 13 – October 22 nd -Teaching and Learning

3 2 Preparing for School Experience Part I PGCE [Primary] Full-time Course Autumn 2003

4 3 Arrangements for Today 3.30 p.m. – Meet in rooms according to area where school is located (seminar tutors will inform you of the rooms) Negotiate travel arrangements with other trainees 3.45 p.m. – Those SBTs (mentors) who have attended the briefing session will arrive in rooms. If no SBT by 4.00 p.m. please feel free to leave.

5 4 THE ATTACHMENT PERIOD Programme identified in the handbook Information for medium term planning Timetable for preparation week Timetable/s for teaching weeks Identify areas for display Make contact with your college-based tutor (moderator) Check timetables with CBT BEGIN RESEARCHING THE AREAS TO BE TAUGHT

6 5 Point of Clarification For trainee teachers: Short-term planning refers to lesson plans and weekly plans. Medium-term planning refers to the planning that is done prior to a block experience in school. This involves: planning ahead; having clear expectations of what you wish the children to learn from your series of lessons; demonstrating that you have the knowledge required to teach the subject; and that you have researched potential activities to deliver the objectives.

7 6 The school block experience timetable Breakdown of SBE1 time 50% Available teaching time 20% Directed time within the base class 20% Specialist subject research / observation / teaching within the key stage 10% Non-contact time

8 7 The 50% Teaching Time Teaching the Core Curriculum only – English, Mathematics, Science and ICT. This may involve working with groups and delivering part-lessons in the first week. From week 2 onwards, teaching will generally involve taking responsibility for the whole class. All teaching should be planned prior to the day of ‘delivery’ and evaluated on the same day.

9 8 20% ‘Directed Time’ Classroom-based Assisting /working under direction from the class teacher Collaborative teaching (which has also been planned collaboratively) School-based tasks [core subjects]

10 9 20% Specialist Subject Observe lessons being taught within your the key stage Possibly experience collaborative teaching with the subject co-ordinator and/or class teacher Teach groups (whole class if appropriate) within your own class and/or within the key stage Keep a clear record of how / what you achieve/experience within this time.

11 10 Non-Contact Away from pupils School-based Preparing displays /resources. Marking pupils’ work Evaluating lessons Consultation with colleagues Finding resources Looking at school displays Recording pupils’ progress

12 11 Signing-Out Week School-based week (week beg. 10 th November) Preparation week timetable is required Pre-arrange visits to college Submit medium term plans to SBT (mentor) with relevant coversheets Amend plans as necessary First lesson plans should be submitted with the medium term plans Final signing out form – Signed by Thursday 4pm

13 12 Medium-term Plans Key Stages One and Two Literacy, Numeracy, Science and ICT Foundation Stage - Personal,Social & Emotional Development - Communication, language & literacy - Mathematical Development - Knowledge & Understanding of the World [Science & ICT components] Refer to the National Curriculum, Curriculum Guidance for the Foundation Stage, the Literacy and Numeracy Strategies, the QCA website, a range of commercial resources and the school’s planning when researching prior to teaching.

14 13 Medium-term Plans Literacy/ Numeracy – specific guidance will be provided by curriculum tutors Provide detail – to support your teaching Use appropriate college formats Qualify how assessment will occur Use the college-based generic record keeping system Be prepared to amend your planning - As teaching takes place, some amendments may well be required When you evaluate your overall teaching you will also make reference to how your plans were amended.

15 14 SHORT TERM PLANS Use college formats Avoid proformas that limit detail Daily plans are to be ready before school starts Same day evaluations Ensure availability and accessibility of resources Explore a variety of styles of teaching/learning

16 15 What the children ‘want’ … to be treated fairly to feel ‘comfortable’ in the classroom to have their contributions to lessons valued –Oral contributions –Written/practical work to enjoy their time in school

17 16 What the children are entitled to … A teacher who values and respects them as individuals A teacher who has the subject knowledge to deliver the curriculum A teacher who has prepared well for each lesson A curriculum which accords with national expectations A safe and secure learning environment Learning activities which are suitable for their particular needs

18 17 Some expectations from your SBT That you will: research thoroughly the medium-term plans; prepare well for each lesson that you teach act professionally at all times (dress, punctuality, attendance) respect the children and the staff within the school; value and act upon advice given be organised, and provide profiling documents in good time.

19 18 Making a good impression with your CBT Before the School Block Experience: Do your best to make direct contact with your CBT before the block. Agree a timetable with him/her. Provide a copy of the ‘Contact Details Sheet’. Provide a copy of timetable and notify of any days when you will be out of the school (e.g. date of trip to Wigan Pier etc.)

20 19 Impressing the CBT/moderator continued During the visit itself: Do make sure that you have provided a chair for the moderator! Have your file(s) out ready for scrutiny - not hidden in a cupboard - no missing elements (evaluations and records) which are ‘on disk’/’at home’ Give the moderator a copy of your lesson plan

21 20 General Points Ensure that: your file is professionally presented planning is clear and structured and follows the correct formats you keep up-to-date with evaluations you are treating record keeping as on-going and that you have already begun this process.

22 21 Support Systems Remember there are support structures in place for you. Generally you would seek support from the following people in this order: Class teacher SBT/Mentor CBT/Moderator Education Tutor If considered appropriate by colleagues you may be referred to either the Director of the PGCE (Primary) course or the Director of Partnerships.

23 22 Looking after yourself and your peers Try to keep some contact with your colleagues on the PGCE course during SBE, especially if you are the only student teacher in the school. Remember COMPASS the Hope-based student support services. Try to keep well, take vitamins, get enough sleep and talk to someone if you find yourself in difficulty! and last but not least …


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