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UG1 first Block School Experience and Value of Paired Placements UG1 class teacher training January 2015 Joy Carroll UG Manager Primary Partnership.

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1 UG1 first Block School Experience and Value of Paired Placements UG1 class teacher training January 2015 Joy Carroll UG Manager Primary Partnership

2 School Experience 1 Agenda SE Information Dates Overview of the Course Support Paired Placements Tutorials and Tutor visits University Expectations Weekly overview Teachers’ Standards and grading.

3 Dates - Spring Term Block 2014 Dates of visit: Preliminary visit day – February 4th Block Practice - Monday February 23 rd – Friday March 20 th Students will have had a pre-practice tutorial with their SE tutor. Students been told to arrive at school by 8.15am and to help the class teacher at the end of the day.

4 Yearly Overview ~ Year 1 Term 1 Term 2Term 3 10 Serial days 4 week block ------------------------Professional Studies ----------------------- Core Subjects 1 Core Subjects 2 ICT 1ICT 2 (S) Foundation Subjects (Art, Hist, PE) (DT, Geog, Music)

5 Paired Placements – Discussion Opportunities for co-planning, co-teaching and co-evaluation Opportunity for a supportive relationship and to co-coach one another What are the advantages and difficulties of having paired placements in your school ?

6 Some suggestions discussed with students Good, equal relationship (each student does not grade the other student’s teaching) Listening skills Constructive feedback to partner Constructive response to feedback Not taking things personally Working together for improvements Taking and sharing responsibility

7 Support from SE tutor The tutor will visit once during the practice. Tutors will also offer telephone and email support if needed. Extra support visits if needed.

8 University Expectations Week 1 Trainee to set up school experience file (SE Handbook p. 12) Observe at least one lesson daily and complete an Observation form/ critical reflection form. Discuss with the classteacher what they will be teaching and when they will be teaching it. Work alongside the class teacher, taking groups as required. They should produce retrospective lesson plans for at least 5 of the group lessons. Co-plan with the class teacher and partner for groups to be taught in week 2. Plan 2 sessions each day. Prepare a weekly review sheet for the weekly meeting with the class teacher. Think about the targets you would like to set. Make some reflective entries in the RP Identify a timescale to complete the school based tasks (p.7 of SE Handbook) Useful checklist (SEE p.20 of Trainee’s SE Handbook).

9 University Expectations Observations: The trainee should be observed formally at least once a week using the UW observation form. One observation must be carried out jointly with the University SE Tutor to agree grading. If possible trainees should observe an experienced teacher in another key stage.

10 Weeks 2 and 3 Co-plan, co-teach and co-evaluate at least three whole class lessons/sessions with the class teacher and partner Continue to plan to teach groups each day. The trainee must have clear plans for each session/lesson taught. Evaluate each lesson. One lesson should be evaluated in detail each day, the others can be an annotation on lesson plans. Make notes about how the teacher records pupil progress. Prepare the weekly Review sheet Continue to make RP entries Please continue to check files are up to date and organised. University Expectations

11 University Expectations Week 4 Teach at least two lessons/sessions each day ( group/whole class). One trainee should act as the TA for whole class lessons so that the other is teaching solo whenever possible. Each trainee and the teacher can support the planning and evaluation of these lessons. Teach at least three whole class lessons on their own. Co – evaluate with your partner. Have clear lesson plans for all group and class lessons taught Return all resources which have been borrowed Complete all school based tasks Ensure the RP is completed Check files are up to date and organised.

12 Teachers’ Standards for SE1 Reflective Portfolio Standards 1 – 8 but not all subsets

13 Assessment Each trainee will receive 1 visit from SE tutor in week 2/3 to carry out a joint assessed observation. Each trainee needs I assessed observation by class teacher each week. With best practice, the trainee will have plenty of informal feedback as the practice progresses. See flow chart for grading criteria.

14 If student has problems…. If a trainee is given 4 or more emerging standards they must be issued with a targeted support, agreed with the SE Tutor. Please discuss and set specific (and realistic) targets, set a review date, send a copy of the form to Elizabeth Davies. The trainee should be observed on the review date. If the targets have not been met, the trainee this will result in a failed practice. If you have any concerns, please act swiftly. If in doubt, contact the SE Tutor or someone in the Partnership Team.

15 School Experience Documentation Reflective Portfolio During block practice and serial days trainees must find evidence for their RP on a regular basis. It is student’s responsibility to discuss entries for the RP and have it signed They must have evidence for each Teachers’ standard by the end of their practice (not each subset) SE File Attendance Sheet to be signed each week by the classteacher. Final SE Report SE evaluation form

16 SE Report Monday 23 rd March 2015 IT IS THE TRAINEE TEACHER’S RESPONSIBILITY TO MAKE SURE THAT IT IS COMPLETED AND IS SENT TO THE RIGHT PLACE BY THE APPROPRIATE DATE. The School Experience Report and attendance sheet should be e-mailed to / faxed (IoE Fax no: 01905 855439) / hard-copies can be handed into the Partnership & Placements Office by Monday 23 rd March

17 Thank you for your support Questions ?

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