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Autobiography Healthy eating Liceo Banfi. From infants to adults.

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1 Autobiography Healthy eating Liceo Banfi

2 From infants to adults

3 Objectives -To understand why it is better to eat a specific food -To know how to fill out a diet COGNITION COMMUNICATION -To reteil events in your life by activating prior knowledge -To encourage collaborative work

4 Setting To divide the class in groups The students work in pair Materials Paper or LIM, computer, tablet Design tools

5 DISCUSSION:diagnosting test A Healthy Diet and Our Body: What’s a good nutrition? Healthy Eating Pyramid: What is? The Main Food Groups: What are the bases of MOLECULAR BIOLOGY? Fruit and Vegetables: Why you have to eat them? Grains and Pulses: Why they are at the base of the food pyramid ? Daily dairy : Why you can ready a daily diary? Starches, Sugars and Fats : What are? Vitamins and Minerals: Why we need a little quantitative?

6 Discussion : daily examples What is..? Rice is the staple food in China and much of the East. What is it in the West (UK, USA)? Answer Wheat. We eat it in bread, pasta, cereals, cakes, biscuits and it’s added to all sorts of foods.

7 Discussion : daily examples Weird fact Our brains are 80% fat. Foodie fact Sushi (raw fish) is now Marks and Spencer’s best-selling lunchtime snack.

8 Debating : Healthy Eating Myths Chocolate is bad for you! It’s true that chocolate isn’t the healthiest snack – but it isn’t innately bad either! So, some chocolate can be part of a balanced diet. Plain (dark) chocolate is better for you thank milk; it is higher in iron.

9 Debating: Healthy Eating Myths Chewing and digesting a stick of celery uses up more energy than you get from the food. This sounds good, but unfortunately it isn’t true!

10 Explaining: look a picture Carbohydrates: take most food from this group (rice, pasta, bread, potatoes) Fruit and vegetables: take 5 portions a day from this group Meat, fish and dairy: take something from this group Foods high in fats and sugars: take only small amounts from this group

11 RESULTS LEARNERS OUTCOMES Mind map :to show fact and their relationships about specific objects or events Storyboard: To plan and write a draft of events in a story, sometimes with speech and thought bubbles

12 What the students and the teachers thought about the AP? STUDENTS are MOTIVATED INTERESTED THIS ACTIVITY ENCOURAGE A PEER’S WORK




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