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Match the diet.

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1 Match the diet

2 The Eatwell Plate In order to keep healthy it is important to eat a varied and balanced diet. This is because different foods provide us with nutrients that our body can use in different ways.

3 The Eatwell Plate The Eatwell Plate breaks foods down into five groups: Fruit and vegetables Potatoes, bread, rice, pasta and starchy foods Meat, fish, eggs and beans Milk and dairy foods Food and drinks high in fat and sugar

4 The Eatwell Plate Fruit and vegetables
Fruit and vegetables provide us with lots of essential vitamins and minerals which the body needs to function properly and repair itself. They are also good sources of energy

5 The Eatwell Plate Potatoes, bread, rice, pasta and starchy foods
Starchy foods contain lots of carbohydrates which the body uses to make energy. Some carbohydrates (sugars for example) are broken down quickly for bursts of energy but others which contain starch (like potatoes) take longer to break down, releasing energy slowly.

6 The Eatwell Plate Meat, fish, eggs and beans
Foods in this group contain lots of protein. The body also uses protein to make energy, but it breaks them down more slowly than carbohydrates. Proteins are also used by the body for growth and repair, particularly of muscles.

7 The Eatwell Plate Milk and dairy foods
Foods in the milk and dairy group also contain lots of protein, used for growth, repair and energy. Some foods contain a lot of fats; these are good in small doses but can be unhealthy if you eat too much. Dairy products also contain lots of calcium which is good for bones and teeth.

8 The Eatwell Plate Food and drinks high in fat and sugar
These foods contain high levels of fat. Your body needs some fat to help keep you warm but too much can be unhealthy. They are good for releasing quick bursts of energy.

9 The Eatwell Plate It is important for everyone to eat a good mix of foods from all the different groups. However some people might need more foods from one of the sections to suit their lifestyle. Choose one of the people on the worksheet and design a menu to suit their diet.

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