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Partnering with Local Businesses Desiree Fraser Ebe Randeree.

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1 Partnering with Local Businesses Desiree Fraser Ebe Randeree

2 Partnerships What constitutes a partnership? D

3 What is a Partnership Evolving relationship Sustainable and Long Term Meets a business need Meets a College need Benefits STUDENTS! It is also STRATEGIC! D

4 Business Partnerships College courses provide limited information about the needs of employers Academics sometimes are “academics” and not very business savvy Why its important…  Bridge the employer-student gap  Make connections/Networking  Exchange information D

5 Business Partnerships Business needs are always changing and students need to be able to understand business needs How do I get these skills What are the relevant skill sets What is the industry outlook How can I compete How can both partners benefit How do I find out about jobs and internships D

6 Business Partnerships Every university has a Career Center – the problem is that these centers provide “general information” and limited information about local and regional employers, future market needs, access to these employers, etc. They also serve the entire University and are not always responsive to your students D

7 Achievements What have we done? D

8 Many channels 1.Feed Your Brain 2.WISE 3.Career Fair 4.Internship Talks 5.Industry Panels 6.Meet with CEO 7.Company Tours 8.Mentors E

9 Many channels EventEmployer Participation (# companies) Student Participation (# students) STARS involvement Career Fair – Fall52250STARS organized and led the event Fall Feed Your Brain Event5120+STARS partnered with Leadership Class Fall Company visits (Recruiting) 390STARS organized the event Fall Tours of Companies (group visits) 135STARS and AITP organized the event Fall Visits with CEOs112STARS and WISE organized the event Career Fair – Spring49281STARS organized and led the event Spring Feed Your Brain Event 5170+STARS partnered with Leadership Class Spring Company visits (Recruiting) 3200STARS organized the event Spring Tours of Companies (group visits) 338STARS and AITP organized the event Spring Visits with CEOs327STARS and WISE organized the event Summer Feed Your Brain Event 175STARS and Professor organized the event E

10 1. Feed Your Brain  5-6 per semester  Various topics (students polled)  Student RUN  Some include food (great incentive) E

11 E

12 E

13 2. WISE (Women in IT/ICT Sharing Experiences)  Female Empowerment  Mentorship  Strategies for Success  Mixers  Peer sessions  CEO Breakfasts E

14 Attracting Young Women and Faculty E

15 3. Internships  Posted on relevant sites  Companies invited to speak when they are looking for people  In class (10 minutes) E

16 Jim Reed - talking about TMH (HIT jobs)

17 4. Career Fairs  More formal  2 per year  Recruitment of companies  50+ companies attending  250+ students coming to the event E

18 Spring and Fall Fairs

19 5. Industry Panels  2-3 per year  “Social Media”  “Status of Healthcare/Technology”  “Interview skills” E

20 6. Company Visits Each Semester we go out and take tours and sit down with company CEOs to discuss:  Leadership  Entrepreneurship  Mentorship  Industry Outlook E

21 6. Company Visits  Large groups  More of overview  Great place to network E

22 7. Meet the CEO E  Small groups  Very focused  Mentors and jobs/interns  1-2 hours

23 8. Mentors  Use 1-7 to identify mentors  Provide meeting space  Facilitate introductions  1-3 students per mentor E

24 Many channels 1.Feed Your Brain 2.WISE 3.Career Fair 4.Internship Talks 5.Industry Panels 6.Meet with CEO 7.Company Tours 8.Mentors E

25 Process So how do you build these partnerships? D

26 Making Partnerships 1. Starting Out 2. Building a Relationship 3. Communication 4. Take Away D

27 1. Starting Out  Target audience  Which companies will be partners?  New entrants  Industry Leaders  What is the long term plan for this partnership  This semester  This year  Next 3 years D

28 1. Starting Out Get information:  Career Center  Alumni  Prominent Companies  New companies D

29 1. Starting Out Identify Get Information Contact Keep communication open Vetting Make sure it’s a right fit D

30 2. Building a relationship Why should they partner with you?  Provide a service  Access to students and faculty  Promote business, service or products D

31 2. Building a relationship Find ways to build contacts and network  LinkedIn  Alumni  Faculty  Professional groups D

32 3. Communication When building relationships its best to first meet in person.  Shows interest  Commitment  More personable  Be prepared D

33 3. Communication Keep communication open.  LinkedIn  Emails  Phone calls  Visits D

34 3. Communication Be courteous. Following any event make sure give a proper thank you.  Cards  Letters  Emails D

35 4. Take Away What you will get out of it…  Industry updates  Employment opportunities  Mentors  Internships  Speakers  Swag D

36 Other Considerations  University Buy-In  Show your results  Talk about your results  Tweet your results  Start small E

37 Your Ideas? Questions, Suggestions, whats worked for you?

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