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Wings of Success Internship Program Opportunities for non credit internships.

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1 Wings of Success Internship Program Opportunities for non credit internships

2 Goals To help students establish career goals and a professional identity. To promote the development of transferable or soft skills as identified by the National Association of Colleges & Employers Support student high impact practices by coaching them through the process of finding a meaningful internship

3 Program Structure Designed to provide an alternative option for students to get recognition for their internship experience Certificate of Completion will be awarded No tuition fees or other costs to participate in the program Achievement to include on resume or career portfolio Increase overall number of internship placements reported Expands the opportunity for students to practice transferable skills

4 Target Participants Targeting Sophomores, Juniors Internships can be both paid or unpaid All internships posted on Jobs for Jays Prep workshops required 8-10 hours per week at internship site to be eligible Both one on one meetings with Tina as well as group sessions

5 Prep Workshop One on one meeting to assist student(s) as they identify the type of internship they are interested in, geographic preferences and internship search strategies. Group workshop(s) covering resumes, cover letter, networking, professional apparel, etiquette, interviewing, LinkedIn, ethics, and more. Help students develop internship goals that support their career decision making and planning.

6 Paperwork Application for Wings of Success includes learning objectives based on NACE’s top 10 skills employers value Evaluation of employer and internship as well as reflection paper Employer Evaluation of student Mid internship meeting

7 Resources Students will be given resources related to searching for an internship,making the most of your internship, tips for the 1 st day, phone etiquette, tips for writing professional emails, networking, etc. Career services website content will continue to be updated with new resource content Staff will be available throughout the summer to respond to student and employer inquiries

8 Why participate? Clarification of career choice Improved professional skills Ability to have your resume pre-submitted to those employers attending the job/internship fair on 3/26 Summer or fall networking event Featured internship experience on website Ability to post a blog on the Career Services website related to your internship experience Networking mixer with Employers and/or local Alumni group Business cards and holder

9 Program Details Students will: Attend one of the Internship Orientations (2/6, 3/11, 4/10) Meet 1:1 with Tina to discuss program and get started with search, resume and cover letter Attend one of the monthly Wings of Success Workshops (2/16, 3/23, 4/27) covering search resources, interviewing, LinkedIn, networking, professional dress Complete an application to include learning goals, internship site evaluation, reflection paper

10 Next Steps Get started today by contacting Tina Mackenzie the Assistant Director or Internships & Employer engagement at Sign up for one internship orientation (2/6, 3/11, 4/10) Sign up for one internship workshop (2/16, 3/23, 4/27) Tina will get you started on your resume and internship strategy and resources The early bird gets the worm!

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