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Italics and Quotes Part I Ms. Lucas Freshmen English.

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2 Italics and Quotes Part I Ms. Lucas Freshmen English

3 Rules of Using Italics ► Use italics (or underlining) for titles of books, plays, films, magazines, ships, etc. ► Ex: ► Great Expectations (book) ► Our Town (play) ► Los Angeles Times (Newspaper) ► Madame Butterfly (Opera) ► Titanic

4 Quote or Italics? ► Do you use italics for: ► Songs? ► Poems?

5 Rules for Using Italics ► Use italics (underlining) for words, letters, and figures referred to as such or foreign words. ► Ex: The word Mississippi has four ‘s’s and four ‘i’s. ► Ex: The only French expression I know is bon jour.

6 Practice ► Ex. 1 on pg. 800


8 Use quotes to enclose a person’s exact words Ms. Lucas said, “You are the best students ever because you have your grammar books.” Ms. Lucas said we were her favorite students.

9 Begin a quote with a capital letter. Summer said, “We am so excited to have studied mythology.” Sormeh says that myths are “awesome.”

10 In an interrupting expression, the second part begins with a small letter. “My favorite myth,” Sebastian said, “is the story of Apollo.”

11 Quote Punctuation Commas and periods always go inside the quotes. Colons and semicolons always go outside of the quotes. Question marks and exclamation marks vary.

12 Dialogue: begin a new paragraph with each speaker. “What is your favorite myth?” asked David eagerly. “My favorite myth is the story of Athena,” said Diba, “ because she is the goddess of wisdom.”

13 Use single quotes for a quote within a quote. Natasha reported, “Sterling said, ‘Hercules is often alluded to in literature.’”

14 Put the titles of articles, short stories, poems, etc. in quotes. Minki thought that “Medusa” was Louise Bogan’s best poem.

15 Practice ► Ex. 2 on pg. 804 ► Ex. 3 on pg. 805

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