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Quotation Marks Holt Handbook Pages 344-350.

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1 Quotation Marks Holt Handbook Pages

2 Rule 15d (#1) Use quotation marks to enclose a direct quotation--a person’s exact words. Quotation marks go both before and after a person’s exact words. “Has anyone seen my pencil?” asked Jane. John said, “It was on the ground.” “We’ll hide in Danny’s yard until he comes home,” he whispered.

3 15d Continued DO NOT use quotes for an indirect quotation-- a rewording of a direct quotation. Direct: Jane asked John, “Where is my pencil?” Indirect: Jane asked John where her pencil is.

4 Rule 15E (#3) A direct quotation generally begins with a capital letter. Blake exclaimed, “It is almost Halloween!” John replied, “Yes it is.”

5 Rule 15F (#11) When the expression identifying the speaker interrupts a quoted sentence, the second part of the quotation begins with a lowercase letter. “Do you know,” asked Jane, “what time this class ends?” “I believe,” said John, “it ends at 10 o’clock.”

6 When the second part of a divided quote is a complete sentence, it begins with a capital letter.
“Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday,” remarked Jane. “Turkey is my favorite.”

7 Rule 15G A direct quotation is set off from the rest of the sentence by a comma, a question mark, or an exclamation point, but NOT by a period. Amy said, “I want to go to the party.” “What time is the party?” said Amy. “I had so much fun!” said Amy. INCORRECT: “I want to go to the party.” said Amy.

8 Rule 15H (#8) A period or comma is placed inside the closing quotation marks. John said, “I really want to go too.” “I really want to go,” said John.

9 Rule 15I A question mark or an exclamation point is placed inside the closing quotation marks when the quotation itself is a question or an exclamation. Otherwise, it is placed outside.

10 What??? The quotation is a question.
“Is the time difference two hours?” said Ken. The quote is an exclamation. “I can’t wait to go!” said Ken. The sentence, NOT the quote, is a question. What did she mean when she wrote, “I will not go to the party”? The sentence, NOT the quote, is an exclamation. I’m so happy that Mom said, “You can go”!

11 Rule 15J (#14) When you write dialogue (conversation), begin a new paragraph each time the speaker changes. “Oh no! I can’t find my lucky socks!” shouted John. “What are you talking about?” asked Jane. “I can’t play baseball without them! What am I going to do?” “You are ridiculous.”

12 Rule 15K When a quotation consists of several sentences, place quotation marks only at the beginning and at the end of the whole quotation. “Memorize all of your lines by Monday. Be sure to have someone at home give you your cues. Enjoy your weekend!” said Mrs. Hayman.

13 Rule 15L Use quotes to enclose titles and subtitles of short works such as short stories “The Tell-Tale Heart” poems “Oranges” essays and articles “A Modest Proposal” songs “Uptown Funk” episodes of TV series “The One With All the Resolutions” chapters of books “Capital Letters”

14 Rule 15M (The last one!) Use single quote marks to enclose a quotation within a quotation or title of a short work within a quotation. “I said, ‘The quiz will be on Friday,’” repeated Mrs. Flynn. Sharon said, “I just read ‘Three Skeleton Key’ in class today.”

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