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By: Krystal Searcy & James Rocker

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1 By: Krystal Searcy & James Rocker
“Quotations” By: Krystal Searcy & James Rocker

2 What is a quotation mark?
As defined by a quotation mark is, “a punctuation mark used to attribute the enclosed text to someone else.”

3 Types of Quotation Marks
Double Single When should you use a double vs. a single quotation mark? A double quotation mark is the most often used, as it establishes another person’s ideas inside your own. A single quotation mark is often used within an already used double quotation mark. Example: John said, “When Jake was talking to me he said, ‘I will ride the bus home today.’ ” Make sure you close both sets of quotations and separate the two with a space.

4 Capitalization? If the quoted material can be formed in a complete sentence, or is used at the beginning of a sentence capitalize the first letter. If the quoted material is only part of a sentence and the sentence could not stand on its own, do not capitalize the first letter.

5 “Changing Quotations?”
Two special rules: If you are taking words or phrases out of a direct quotation, use an ellipsis (…) to show there was an interruption. If you are adding or changing part of a quotation, make sure you include brackets ( [ ] ) to show that you modified that section of the quote.

6 Quotation Marks vs. Underlining in Literature.
Quotation marks are used for the following pieces of literature: Songs Short Stories Essays Short Poems Anything shorter then either a full book or a one-act play Quotation marks may also be used for parts of larger works such as: Chapters in books Articles in newspapers, magazines, journals, and other periodical productions. Episodes of television and radio shows

7 Quotation Marks vs. Underlining in Literature. Continued
Use underlining or italics for: Books Plays of more than one act Newspapers, magazines, journals, and other periodical titles. Films Television series Radio series Do not use quotation marks for parts of the Bible, other religious books, or any legal document.

8 Where should you place your punctuation?
Always introduce a quotation within a sentence with a comma. If the quotation mark ends mid-sentence put either a semi-colon or a colon outside the quotation marks. For example: I was talking, and then John interrupted, “You know she is cool”; I wasn’t too happy with him because of it. Always have your ending punctuation within the quotation mark. For example: The local authority said, “We will watch the event and determine what to do from there.”

9 Works Cited "Quotation Marks." Online Writing Lab Purdue University Online Writing Lab. 15 Jun "Quotation Mark." Princeton University. 15 Jun

10 Feel free to contact either:
Who to go to? Questions? Comments? Feel free to contact either: Krystal Searcy Or James Rocker

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