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1 Pay-per-Click Advertising (PPC) An introductory presentation

2 2 © 2004 NB2BC Internet Search 50% of searches are ‘business searches’ (source: Overture, 2002) 50% searches display and advertisement (source: Comscore) 550 million searches submitted daily worldwide (source: US Bancorp Piper Jaffray, 2003) 80% of internet sessions begin at a search engine (source: Jupiter Media, 2003)

3 3 © 2004 NB2BC Introduction After this presentation you will: Have a full understanding of PPC advertising Understand how PPC can benefit you Be ready to start PPC advertising

4 4 © 2004 NB2BC PPC Advertising Setting the scene Looking to increase demand for products/services Existing marketing activity is proving costly Eager to try new marketing methods Explore internet opportunities

5 5 © 2004 NB2BC E-marketing Overview E-marketing Growth in 2005 62% growth in e-marketing spending record spend (£865m) market share 5.8% Source: IAB, 05

6 6 © 2004 NB2BC E-marketing Overview PPC advertising in context SearchOn-line PRPartnerships Interactive Ads Opt-in E-mail Viral Website Search Engine Optimisation Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

7 7 © 2004 NB2BC E-marketing Overview PPC Growth in 2005 largest single format market share 40% £197m spend Source: IAB, 05

8 8 © 2004 NB2BC PPC Advertising Defined type of online advertisement, where the advertiser (i.e. you) pays the publisher each time a visitor clicks on the advertisement l payment based on ‘click throughs’ displaying precisely targeted ads at someone who has shown an interest in a subject, in real time l search orientated What is PPC advertising?

9 9 © 2004 NB2BC PPC Advertising Defined PPC Examples

10 10 © 2004 NB2BC PPC Advertising Defined Who provides PPC advertising? Search Engines Independent Networks

11 11 © 2004 NB2BC PPC Advertising major search portals are: Google Yahoo MSN (Microsoft) other search engines exist, but: Google powers AOL Search, Netscape Yahoo powers Alltheweb, AltaVista, Hotbot, Lycos, CNN Who are the market leaders? Source:

12 12 © 2004 NB2BC PPC Advertising Drivers What do you want to achieve through PPC? Top in the search engines Rankings for rankings sake Rank above my competitors Easier for potential customers to find you More traffic to your website Increase sales

13 13 © 2004 NB2BC Questions to consider: how many sales leads do you want PPC advertising to generate? where do you want these leads to come from? which pages do you want website visitors to land on? what do you want visitors to do at your site? PPC Advertising Objectives What do you want to achieve through PPC? Business/ Marketing Objectives Website Objectives PPCObjectives

14 14 © 2004 NB2BC PPC Advertising Process of PPC advertising Ad copy FindAcquire Convert Keywords Budget Landing page

15 15 © 2004 NB2BC Keywords Strategy 10 mortgage (29m) home mortgage (5m) 3% 97% 1000 2 year fixed rate mortgage lowest 2 year fixed mortgage rate Search behaviour searches done

16 16 © 2004 NB2BC Keyword Selection ‘Which keywords do you want to be found with?’ Good keywords are those which: 1. define all products and services 2. are popular with searchers 3. are within your budget brainstorm relevant terms don’t use industry speak get customer focussed what makes you unique? brands, generic & specific terms refine list to include popular search terms tools will help you e.g. refine list AGAIN to include less competitive terms consider your budget

17 17 © 2004 NB2BC Bidding Strategy Budgeting for success All PPC providers possess unique bidding nuances: Bid at the keyword level Set your CPC (Cost-per-Click) You pay when your ad is ‘clicked’ Set a daily/weekly/monthly budget Cost-per-acquisition (CPA) is more important Two broad strategies exist: Premium Strategy: Bid on most popular search terms  needs high website conversion rate Niche Strategy: Bid on niche search terms  emphasis on broad range of keywords

18 18 © 2004 NB2BC Bidding Strategy Ad positioning Top ads get more traffic reduction of 80% from 1 to 8 Lower ads can deliver more relevant leads less impulsive research orientated Different factors drive position (specific to providers) not just CPC popularity (CTR) and relevance are rewarded Under budgeting can restrict flow of leads Ad will not appear when budget reached

19 19 © 2004 NB2BC Ad Copy Creating compelling ad copy Search: ‘2 year fixed rate mortgage’ heading body text display URL Advert consist of 3 main areas:

20 20 © 2004 NB2BC Ad Copy Increase your click through rate Ad copy should compel searchers to click on your advert: Match ad copy closely to keywords e.g. sample keywords: “fixed rate mortgage” sample ad copy: “looking for the best fixed rate mortgage” Create clear and direct ad titles Use customers’ language Include incentives 50% off……… discount price…… Avoid jargon

21 21 © 2004 NB2BC Landing Page Where will traffic click through to? Landing pages drive conversions: Focus, focus, focus! Strong call to action Minimise other distractions Specific, measurable conversion build email database online registrations sell products today promote an event drive downloads

22 22 © 2004 NB2BC 3. PPC Advertising example 1. 2.

23 23 © 2004 NB2BC Summary Find customer search keyword selection Acquire ad copy language & incentives Convert focussed landing page measure results Intro to PPC advertising

24 24 © 2004 NB2BC 5 Steps to PPC success 1. Download our guide to setting up Google PPC account 2. Define your PPC objectives 3. Keyword selection 4. Create ad 5. Contact NB2BC to review!!!

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