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Welcome to advertising on Bing Webinar 1. Microsoft Advertising adCenter: Intro to Search Advertising Basics. We look forward to helping you expand your.

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1 Welcome to advertising on Bing Webinar 1

2 Microsoft Advertising adCenter: Intro to Search Advertising Basics. We look forward to helping you expand your online reach with Bing. Host: Eileen Demetrio, Service Program Manager, Microsoft Expert presenter: Michael Mostert, Small Business Vertical Specialist, Microsoft 2

3 You’re in the right place at the right time. 3

4 The Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance can help you reach more consumers with less effort. 4

5 Your potential customers are making a decision on Bing. With the combined power of Bing and Yahoo! you’ll have access to an audience of 164 million searchers in the U.S. 1 and 15 million in Canada. 2 Bing search features are refreshed often with answers on the first page, helping to create loyal customers. Bing is where decisions are made. 1.comScore Core Search (custom), September 2010 2.comScore qSearch (custom), September 2010 5

6 A study showed that Bing has a lower cost per click (CPC) than Google. 1 Get more Bing for your buck. 1. The WebVisible Report: State of Small Business Online Advertising, Q4 2009. 6

7 Create your first campaign with these building blocks: Budgeting, bidding, and targeting: Decide how much you want to spend and who you want to reach. Ads and ad groups: Organize your ads into groups. Keywords: Select the words that trigger the display of your ads. It’s simple to get up and running with Microsoft Advertising adCenter. 7

8 Carefully choose the words and phrases that are most relevant to your products and services. Example: If your business sells appliances, don’t bid on keywords like patio umbrellas Choose among broad, phrase, and exact match to expand your keyword reach. View match types tutorial. tutorial Example: if your keyword is "red toy boats" and you have selected match types exact match and broad match, then your ad could serve if a customer searches for “boats red toy”. Select the right keywords. 8

9 Achieve a more favorable ad position on Bing results pages and drive more site traffic. Increase your potential to receive more ad clicks and conversions. Over time, build a solid history of relevant ads and high click-through rates, helping your ads to display in the top position more often. For more tips and examples, view the video tutorial on tutorial on bidding Bid competitively. 9

10 Attract customers with compelling ad copy. Use popular keywords in your ad titles and text. Speak in your customers’ language, using tone and vocabulary that match your target audience. Be specific, with a call to action and the product’s price, if applicable. Use what works, and remove what doesn’t. Monitor your ads’ click-through and conversion rates. For more tips and examples, view the video on ad copy best 10

11 Microsoft Advertising adCenter is committed to a safe, relevant search marketplace, the highest quality online experience, and helping you get your ads live quickly. Our editorial review ensures that ads are following Editorial Guidelines, and that they’re well-written and relevant to users’ search queries.Editorial Guidelines If you feel strongly that your ads or keywords were disapproved incorrectly, you can appeal the decision. Simply contact adCenter Support.adCenter Support Follow our Editorial Guidelines. 11

12 Microsoft Advertising adCenter offers an Ad Preview Tool, which lets you quickly confirm that your search ad is showing up correctly on Bing. Ad Preview Tool Check your settings if you suspect that your ads aren’t appearing as expected. Make sure your account, campaign, ad group, ads, and keywords are all active. Review your budget to ensure that you have budget dollars remaining. Your targeting and language and marketing settings might be preventing you from seeing your ad. Looking for your ad? 12

13 Use adCenter reporting tools to find out what is working, and then maximize those opportunities.adCenter reporting tools You can request reports by time period within three categories: delivery, billing & budget, and targeting. Measure your success. 13

14 Keywords Bids Ad copy Landing page Each of these elements of a campaign can be adjusted to help improve your campaign results: 14

15 Click-through rate Traffic volume Relevance Cost per click Fine-tune your marketing strategy by focusing on these key performance indicators: For more tips and examples, visit our Support CenterSupport Center. 15

16 Our search experts can assist you with planning, creating, analyzing, and optimizing your first search advertising campaign with the QuickLaunch Program.QuickLaunch Program To be eligible for this program, we ask that you set a budget of £250 a month. QuickLaunch is the smart way to jump-start your success. We can help you get started. 16

17 Subscribe to free Microsoft Advertising adCenter marketing communications: Free expert advice Inside scoop on special offers Optimization tips Video tutorials Highlights from Support Center Notes from the Community Get your information straight from the experts. Select your preferences by signing in to Microsoft Advertising adCenterMicrosoft Advertising adCenter. 17

18 Question and answer session. 18

19 As the Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance approaches, get your campaigns launched and primed for the new unified search marketplace. Microsoft Advertising has plenty of resources to help you stay on top of your search efforts. Microsoft Advertising adCenter newsletters and bulletins: Sign in to to select your Microsoft Advertising adCenter Support: Microsoft Advertising Support Center: Microsoft Advertising Community: Microsoft adExcellence: center/ center/adexcellence Now is the time to extend your reach with ads on Bing. 19

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