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Welcome to the College of Science and Engineering! For students majoring in:  Biology  Chemistry  Biochemistry  Computer Science  Engineering  Engineering.

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1 Welcome to the College of Science and Engineering! For students majoring in:  Biology  Chemistry  Biochemistry  Computer Science  Engineering  Engineering Technology  Math  Physics

2 Advisors – what do we do?  Help students plan coursework  Help students understand degree requirements  Explain graduation requirements  Explain GPA requirements  Refer students to campus resources  Answer questions about how courses transfer to TX State

3 How to make an appointment  Call us at 512-245-1315 –We do not schedule appointments via email  30 minute appointments  Monday – Friday, 8:30-4:00  If you cannot make your appointment, call to cancel –If you “no-show” 3 times, you will need to meet with the associate dean before you can talk to an advisor  Have a quick question? Email

4 How do we contact you? …via your Texas State email! Important information regarding:  Academic rules  Withdrawing from classes  Graduation deadlines  Degree Works Audits  Necessary course …evaluations  Your schedule You are responsible for the information in emails. If you have not received one from our office by the third week of the semester, please contact us. Do not forward your e-mail to a gmail, hotmail, or other account.

5 Tips for success 1.Have an academic advising appointment at least once a semester 2.Get to know your professors – stop by office hours 3.Get involved in a study group or organization 4.Seek help when needed

6 Need help with your classes?  CLC (Collaborative Learning Center) CLC (Collaborative Learning Center) –for science and engineering majors  Computer Science Tutoring Computer Science Tutoring –for students in computer science courses  SLAC (Student Learning Assistance Center) SLAC (Student Learning Assistance Center) –for all students  Math Lab Math Lab –currently enrolled in a math course  Writing Center Writing Center –for any writing assignments Visit our Website, for more

7 What if my GPA falls below a 2.0? If you have less than a 2.0, you are on academic probation:  You can’t register for the classes until you meet with an advisor  Your advisor will assist you with the following: –Plan a course of action –Connect with campus resources –Provide information and support

8 Where can I find degree and graduation requirements?  Undergraduate catalog –General information on regulations, core requirements, major and minor requirements, course descriptions, and prerequisites –Also found online at ndergraduate/catalogs.html ndergraduate/catalogs.html  Degree Works audit –Specific to your catalog year, major, and minor  Flowcharts –Visual representation of common degree plans (unofficial) See our website for more information on flow

9 Important policies  3 rd attempt policy: if you attempt a course for the third time, you will be charged a course repeat fee. An attempted course includes any course in which a grade is earned, repeats, and drops with a W. –$362 per credit hour in addition to normal course fee  Excessive hour policy (+30): if you attempt more than 30 hours in excess of the minimum hours required for your degree, you will be charged out-of-state tuition (+45 for students beginning college Fall 1999 to Summer 2006) –Includes hours from any public Texas institution

10 Important policies (cont’d)  Six drop limit: you may drop no more than six courses (after the 12 th class day) in your undergraduate career. –Includes W’s –Includes coursework attempted at all public Texas institutions  Tuition rebate: you may be eligible for up to $1000 back after graduation if you meet criteria: –Attempt no more than 3 credit hours in excess of minimum hours required for degree (includes repeats, and W’s)

11 What are my privacy rights? Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 protects the privacy of educational records:  TX State assumes you are independent of your parents  We cannot: –Release grades, course schedule, or other student information without student consent –Let your parent/significant-other schedule or attend an appointment for you  We can release information about: –Major/minor –If you are currently enrolled  Students may sign a release of records form to permit advisors to give information to persons designated by the student

12 Foreign language proficiency requirement: BS students must demonstrate competency in a foreign language through:  2 years of same foreign language in high school or 2 semesters of the same foreign language in college –BA degree foreign language requirement must be satisfied with college level course work.

13 How do I get a degree? You must complete:  Major requirements  Minor requirements (most majors)  General Education Core Curriculum requirements  Minimum hours for degree  GPA requirements  9 writing intensive hours  36-39 advanced hours  Foreign language proficiency  Residency requirements

14 College credit outside of TX State High school:  AP, dual credit, or IB credit  Must have taken test and passed Transfer/other college credit:  Direct equivalent – transfers as a course taught at Texas State  ELNA (elective non-advanced) – freshman/sophomore level course that is not equivalent to a Texas State course  ELADV (elective advanced) – junior/senior level course from a 4-year institution that is not equivalent to a Texas State course  ACT (activity) – Physical Fitness and Wellness (PFW)  NT (non-transferrable) – remedial or developmental course (grades/hours do not count)  TV (technical and vocational) – from 2-year certification program (grades/hours do not count)

15 What if my course doesn’t transfer directly? ELNA or ELADV courses may be individually evaluated by departments:  Fill out course evaluation form onlineevaluation form –Submit syllabus, course description, book used, transcript, or other descriptive information  Department will determine if ELNA/ELADV course can count for a specific Texas State requirement –Will receive approval/disapproval via TX State email Community college courses cannot transfer to Texas State as 3000-4000 level courses

16 Registration reminder NEVER enroll in a course if you think you may already have college credit for it. If you think you may have completed a course, speak with an advisor before enrolling in its Texas State equivalent.

17 How do I know if I can register for a course?  May need to meet prerequisites –A course you MUST take before enrolling in another course –Lays the foundation for future coursework –Found in catalogue or schedule of classes  May need to meet co-requisites –Must be enrolled in both courses at same time –Course content complements each other  Some courses have no prereqs or coreqs

18 What is the General Education Core Curriculum? Courses that all Texas State students must complete before graduation.  Apx. 35% of your required credit hours  Six general components: 1.Communication 2.Mathematics 3.Natural science 4.Humanities 5.Social & behavioral science 6.Texas State component

19 What are my core courses? 1.ENG 1310 & 1320 (College Writing 1 & 2) 2.MATH 2XXX (depends on major) 3.Natural science (depends on major) 4.PHIL 1305 OR 1320 (Critical Thinking or Ethics) 5.1 COURSE FROM ART, DAN, MU, OR TH 2313 (Intro to Fine Arts) 6.HIST 1310 & 1320 (US History) 7.POSI 2310 & 2320 (Political Science) 8.Anth 1312, Eco 2301 (Engineering and Engineering Technology majors), Geo 1310, Psy 1300, Eco 2314, or Soc 1310(depends on major) 9.COMM 1310 (Fund. of Human Communication) 10.1 COURSE FROM ENG 2310, 2320,2330,2340,2359 OR 2360 (English Literature)

20 Can I take courses at home over the summer?  Fill out Off Campus Request Form online to ensure that course will transfer and satisfy degree requirementsOff Campus Request Form –Use Transfer course information on CatswebTransfer course information –Will receive approval/disapproval via TX State email  After course completion, send official transcript to TX State Undergraduate Admissions office  If your course is a prerequisite to a TX State course in the following semester, you will have to register for that course during late registration after completing the off campus course.

21 Register for classes In the next few weeks, you will meet with an academic advisor in the College of Science and Engineering. Together, you and your advisor will build a course schedule for the coming semester. After schedule building, you will be able to register for classes. We highly encourage you to register for classes while in our office. This allows advisors to be available if you have any trouble registering. If you did not review registration instructions, it is necessary to review the registration instructions the registration instructions

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