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Rutherford B. Hayes High School Curriculum Night for 2015-16.

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1 Rutherford B. Hayes High School Curriculum Night for 2015-16

2 Counselor Phone #’s & E-mails Grade 9 Mrs. Scott 833-1023 Grades 10 - 12: A - G Mr. Brown833-1025 Grades 10 - 12: H - O Mrs. Pollard833-1026 Grades 10 – 12: P - Z Ms. Burwinkel 833-1024 College & Career Counselor Mrs. Conant 833-1027

3 Appointments with Counselors The Counselors want to ensure that they have the availability to meet with you, so appointments are strongly encouraged and are appreciated. Appointments can be made by emailing the counselor or by calling the Counseling Office at 740-833-1028. Thank you for helping us better serve you!

4 Graduation Requirements 21 Credits English4 Credits Social Studies3 Credits (World St. / U.S. St./ Govt & Econ) Math4 Credits (Must include Algebra 2) Science3 Credits (1 Physical / 1 Bio / 1 Elective) Health.5 Credit PE.5 Credit (.25 Credit ea. Or 2 PE Waivers) Music/Art or DACC Lab1 Credit Electives5 or 5.5 (if PE waiver used) Credits Class of 2016 & 2017: Must pass the Ohio Graduation Tests. Class of 2018: Must earn a cumulative passing score on the New Generation Tests

5 HONORS DIPLOMA Must meet 7 of 8 criteria. (Career-tech requirements are slightly different.) English4 units Mathematics4 units (including Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II or equivalent and another higher level course) Science4 units (including Physics & Chemistry) Social Studies4 units Foreign Language3 units (including at least 2 units in each language studied) Fine Arts1 unit Grade Point Average3.5 on an unweighted 4.0 scale ACT/SAT Score 27 ACT / 1210 SAT (excludes scores from the writing sections)*

6 COURSE HANDBOOK  It has been emailed to students’ school email accounts.  If you need further descriptions of all the courses, you may access the course curriculum book on-line at:  Counseling  Course & Scheduling Information  2015-2016 Course Handbook

7 College Credit Plus is an initiative by the Ohio Department of Education to allow high school students to attain college credit up to 30 semester hours per school year tuition free at Ohio public institutions by the 2015-16 school year. This initiative will replace the current dual enrollment and post secondary education option programs that are currently being utilized. Finalized rules will be released for the College Credit Plus program by the end of February 2015.

8 College Credit Plus Offerings at Hayes


10 College Credit Plus Resources Additional college courses may be taken at participating College Credit Plus institutions provided that the student meets the admission criteria of the institution. For a full listing of courses offered, please review the course catalog on the institution’s website. The University of Toledo offers numerous courses that may be taken virtually or on campus. To learn more about their program, visit: For additional information on the College Credit Plus program, visit

11 College Credit Plus Information Meetings

12 Marion Technical College and The Ohio State University—Marion will hold a joint College Credit Plus Information Session. Please save the dates of February 26 and March 11 from 6:00-8:00 p.m. in the Marion Technical College Health Technology Center on the Marion Campus.

13 College Admissions Current juniors, take ACT with writing or SAT this spring. Pick up practice tests in the Counseling Office. Register on-line ASAP. Include colleges on your registration – many are now requiring official scores. Visit colleges between now and next fall. Apply by December 2015 or sooner!

14 AP Course Offerings AP Language & Composition AP Literature & Composition AP Calculus AB AP Calculus BC AP Statistics AP Biology AP Chemistry AP Environmental AP Physics 1 AP Physics 2 AP European History AP Psychology AP US History AP Government AP Art History AP Studio Art Applications can be found on the Counseling website.

15 Valedictorian & Salutatorian Status GPA’s can be over 4.0 For the Classes of 2016, & 2017: Valedictorian - all students who have a 4.1 GPA and 3 AP classes. Salutatorian - all students who have a 4.0 GPA and 2 AP classes. For the Class of 2018 & Beyond: Valedictorian – the student with the highest GPA. Salutatorian – the student with the second highest GPA.

16 New for 2015-2016 AP Physics 1 Microbiology Anatomy & Physiology Materials in Engineering Science Intro to Acting Acting Ensemble Excursions in Math English 10 Honors (can now be taken without AP US History) AP Psychology Finance Fundamentals Principles of Business Management Principles

17 Hybrid Courses Hybrid courses are taught partly online and partly in the classroom. Students may not be required to report to the course daily but will have coursework to complete on their own on that day. Hybrid Courses will be offered in: Earth Science College Algebra Government & Economics Health Fitness/PE Leaders of Tomorrow

18 Study Hall Option & Open Lunch MAJOR QUALIFICATIONS Study Hall Option is available to students in Grades 10 – 12 who want to arrive after 1 st period or leave for last period. Students must take a course for college credit or an AP course to qualify. Open Lunch applications will be available next school year.

19 Drop Policy Students will now only be able to drop courses ONE time during their high school career without penalty after the first two weeks of the start of a course. A “W” indicating Withdrawal from the course will be entered on the transcript. This does not affect the GPA. All courses dropped after this option is used will result in an F. This will be entered on the transcript and will affect the GPA.

20 Dates to Remember All course selections and applications are due February 12 th ! Students will NOT be added to courses requiring applications without a completed application being submitted. Schedules will be released in August at Schedule Pick-up. Any requests to change course selections must be submitted to your school counselor by August 11 th. After this date, students will need to remain in their assigned classes for 3 days before making any changes. Students may only make ONE request to change their schedule. (Multiple changes can be made in this one request.)

21 Remind The Counseling Dept will begin texting parents & students with reminders. Sign up today! Text to 81010. @tracer (Class of 2016) current 11th @gopacers (Class of 2017) current 10th @pacerpride (Class of 2018) current 9 th @hayes9 (Class of 2019) current 8 th

22 Thank you for your time! Teachers are available to discuss their curriculum and recommendations for your student.

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