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COURSE REGISTRATION 2014-2015. It’s time……… It’s almost time to register for next year’s classes! In this presentation, you will be given very important.

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2 It’s time……… It’s almost time to register for next year’s classes! In this presentation, you will be given very important information about the registration process including: Dates/Deadlines Procedures Where to find Career Cruising and the course descriptions Graduation requirements Cluster concentrations, NCVPS, AB Tech Important information for NCAA requirements Steps to successfully complete the registration process!

3 IMPORTANT DATES! Feb 24 & Feb 25: Registration orientation in Performing Arts Center Feb. 28: Registration packets will be given to students in homeroom. Students will visit last semester classes for advisement. Mar. 3-21: During 4 th period, students will be pre-scheduled into a computer lab with a counselor to enter course requests in the on-line registration system, Career Cruising

4 Curriculum Night 2/27/14 6:00 pm. Parents will be invited to learn about our various course offerings and our registration process. AP Classes Career Technical Education Classes AB Tech Classes Online opportunities NCAA Academic Requirements

5 Deadlines ! March 27: All printouts of course requests will be distributed to students during homeroom to take home for parent signatures. March 28: SIGNED course printouts are DUE!!! *Remember: Parent signatures are required on the course request printout by the final deadline of March 28th. Turning in requests after this date means you may be less likely to obtain the courses you requested.

6 What are we doing in the computer labs March 3 rd -21st? Students will be scheduled into a computer lab during 4 th period with a counselor to enter course requests. Each of you will have a computer, where you will be instructed to log into the Career Cruising on-line registration system.

7 Where do I find Career Cruising and course descriptions? The online Erwin Student Registration site (Career Cruising) can be accessed by choosing “Curriculum” under “Site Shortcuts” on the homepage on our school web site. Select “Online Registration with Demonstration.” This site provides students and parents with information regarding courses of study, course descriptions, AP/honors options, AB Tech and other vital information.

8 Issues Career cruising is experiencing some issues which may or may not be resolved by registration time. This primarily affects current 9 th graders.

9 Graduation Requirements English: English I English II English III English IV Science: Earth, Biology, and Physical Science, Chemistry or Physics Social studies: World, Civics, US or American History I, American History II (beginning with freshmen entering 2012/2013) Math: 4 courses Health & PE

10 In addition to basic graduation requirements…… If you plan on attending college - you need a minimum of 2 Foreign Language classes of the same language…3 or more (of the same language) for some colleges Depending on your diploma type, you will need either a “concentration area” or a “career cluster concentration”

11 Concentrations Academic: Must take 2 classes beyond basic requirements in the academic area. 2 nd language: Must have 4 classes: at least one must be a level 2 or higher. Arts: Must have 4 classes: at least one must be a level 2 or higher. ROTC: Must have 4 classes. PE: 3 classes beyond requirement: at least one must be a higher level

12 Clusters Must take 4 credits in a cluster 3 of the credits must be from foundation courses 1 of the foundation courses (F) must be a level II The 4 th credit can be a foundation course (F) or an enhancement course (E)

13 Exciting New Advanced Placement opportunities AP Computer Science AP Environmental Science 15 students need to sign up for the classes to be offered.

14 E-Learning: NCVPS: N.C. Virtual Public School Where? Classes are taken on-line at Erwin, 5 days a week in a computer lab What courses? AP, honors, standard curriculum. On-line textbooks are free. Student Qualifications to enroll: 1. Be age 16 and/or a junior or senior 2. Have a 3.0 WEIGHTED GPA on transcript 3. Meet high school course prerequisites as required by NCVPS

15 Benefits to NCVPS Access courses that might not be offered on the high school campus Obtain valuable skills required in college by working with online formats Gain scheduling flexibility QUESTIONS? Talk with your counselor or Mrs. Blayliss in Room 3112.

16 Two questions Do you like free stuff? Do you want to go to college?

17 Tuition-free college classes If you qualify, you can start your college career while you’re still in high school!!! Through the Career and College Promise program (CCP), you can take tuition-free college classes through A-B Tech. Many of the classes transfer directly to all 16 institutions of the UNC system. All classes give you credit at A-B Tech. Courses are online or face-to-face.

18 How do you qualify? To take classes that transfer to UNC, you need a weighted 3.0 or higher GPA, and to prove “college readiness” on a test (PLAN, ACT, SAT, Accuplacer). To take career-technical classes, you need a weighted 3.0 GPA or permission from your principal. Courses are tuition-free, but students are responsible for cost of textbooks and student fees. Speak with your school counselor for details. You must fill out an AB TECH Application, found in your course guide in Career Cruising

19 Important NCAA information for course registration: *A message from the Athletic department*

20 NCAA Division 1 Academic Eligibility Requirements Graduate from High School Complete 16 Core Courses Earn a Minimum or Higher GPA in your Core Courses Earn a SAT or ACT Test Score High Enough to be Paired with your GPA to be Eligible. (Example – 2.400 GPA requires an 860 SAT Score) *For more important information regarding NCAA, please contact Athletic Director, Coach David Ball or see our website for further specifics

21 NCAA Eligibility Center Students should register at beginning of Sophomore Year Fee = $65.00 Check your High School’s list of NCAA Core Courses as you register

22 NCHSAA Eligibility Requirements Must be in attendance 85% of the previous semester. Must pass a minimum load in the previous semester. (3 of 4 in Block, 75% of Possible Credits in Academy) Placeholder & Volunteer Assistant do not count as credit for athletic eligibility.

23 Senior Athletes Must pass 3 Athletically Eligible Classes in Fall for Spring Eligibility. Encouraged to take 4 Classes in Fall Semester of Senior Year. Seniors taking 3 classes in fall semester = All 3 classes must be eligible credits for athletic eligibility and Passed to be eligible 2 nd Semester.

24 Steps to successfully complete the registration process! Review information on the online registration site (Career Cruising). Select (8) courses and (4) alternates on the registration card, acquiring teacher advisement when course is indicated with an asterisk. Check the transcript worksheet handed out last Friday for errors – notify your counselor of errors. Check your phone/address on your registration card. Make corrections on the card before turning them in during your 4 th period registration date. Turn in the course verification sheet on March 28 th. This must be signed by a parent.

25 Teacher Presentations Advanced Placement Career Technical Education Foreign Language

26 Good luck with your course selections for next year! Remember, help is always available if you ask for it.

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