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Rutherford B. Hayes High School 2015-2016. What it College Credit Plus?  Opportunity for college- ready students in grades 7-12 to take college courses.

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1 Rutherford B. Hayes High School 2015-2016

2 What it College Credit Plus?  Opportunity for college- ready students in grades 7-12 to take college courses for no cost.  Replaces Dual Enrollment and PSEO programs.

3 Student Choice  Students can choose any course at a public (or participating private) college

4 Credit Hours  Up to 30 college credit hours per academic year.  No more than 120 college credit hours while in the program.

5 Not Only for Juniors and Seniors  Students have options  Pathways are a tool for high school counselors

6 Pathways  A pathway may:  Be organized by a major or career path  Include various core courses required for a degree or professional certification by the college  A pathway does not keep a student from choosing different courses.

7 High School and/or College Credit  CCP can satisfy or supplement graduation required courses.  3, 4, or 5 credit college course = 1 HS credit  College credited course is on the transcript and affects the GPA even if the course is failed or dropped after the no-fault drop date.  Official college transcripts must be requested to send to another college for transfer.

8 What are some of the scenarios when a student may use College Credit Plus?

9 The student has taken all courses our school offers in a particular subject. The student has taken all the courses they need to graduate and is ready to begin college work. The student wants to experience what college-level work is like.

10 Tuition  No cost for tuition for courses taken at a public college.  Private colleges may charge families up to $153 per credit hour.

11 Books and Fees  Students attending a public college do not pay for either books or fees.  Students attending a private college may have a cost that includes books and fees.

12 At Hayes, On-Campus, or Online  Courses can be taken Hayes (see next slides for course options)  Courses can be taken on a college campus (transportation must be provided by the family).  On-campus classes may be taken any time of day – check the college website for course availability.  Courses can be taken online.

13 At Hayes


15 Deadline for students to tell their school about CCP participation

16 Courses Delivered Online or Not on a College Campus Courses taken at Hayes do not have to be taken for college credit, but the college course will be taught to the class. Facilitator of online course is not an instructor.

17 Online Options  Check the college’s website for online course options or talk to an advisor about these options.  University of Toledo offers a catalog of asynchronous online courses that are CCP eligible.  edit/

18 Athletic Eligibility  Courses may be used for OHSAA eligibility.  Students may be required to obtain their current grade to submit to the athletic director to determine quarter eligibility.  Currently, OBR is working with NCAA regarding college- level eligibility.  The following CCP courses taught at Hayes are NCAA approved:  College Algebra, World Literature Honors, Spanish 4/5, French 4/5, Excursions in Math (Pending)

19 Colleges Must… Assign an advisor to each CCP student and schedule student meeting prior to academic no-fault drop course date

20 Steps to CCP  1. Notify School Counselor by April 1 of intent to participate.  Mrs. Nicely – Grade 7  Ms. Ziegler – Grade 8  Mrs. Scott – Grade 9  Mr. Brown – Grades 10 – 12 (Last Names A – G)  Mrs. Pollard – Grades 10 – 12 (Last Names H – O)  Ms. Burwinkel – Grades 10 – 12 (Last Names P – Z)

21 Steps to CCP  2. Apply to college of choosing by college assigned deadline.  3. Show academic college- readiness/admission standards based on college’s criteria.  4. Register for appropriate classes based on counselor and advisor recommendation.

22 What is College Ready? College Course ACT Subject- Area Test ACT Explore ® Benchmark Grade 8 ACT COMPASS Benchmark ACT Plan ® Benchmark The ACT ® Benchmark English Composition English13771518 College Algebra Mathematics17521922 Social SciencesReading16891822 BiologyScience18N/A2023

23 CCP vs. AP  CCP:  College credit on a transcript to transfer or continue at the same college.  No cost to families unless attending a private college.  Grade will transfer to Ohio public colleges.  Not guaranteed to transfer to private or out- of-state colleges.

24 CCP vs. AP  AP:  Fee to take AP Exam.  Scores of 3, 4, 5 on the AP Exam may be used toward college degree requirements.  Internationally recognized curriculum accepted at most colleges.  Highly selective schools prefer AP.

25 AP Courses at Hayes  AP Language & Composition  AP Literature & Composition  AP Calculus AB  AP Calculus BC  AP Statistics  AP Biology  AP Chemistry  AP Environmental Science  AP Physics 1  AP Physics 2  AP European History  AP Government & Politics  AP Psychology  AP Art History  AP Studio Art

26 Meetings with College Representatives  Following this presentation, please continue to these locations to speak with a representative from our visiting colleges regarding the CCP process with their school:  Columbus State Community College – Room 6006  Marion Technical College – Auditorium  The Ohio State University & The Ohio State University at Marion – Room 6007  DACC Business Courses – Cafeteria  Wright State University (Spanish 4/5, French 4/5) – Room 6002  Advanced Placement - Cafeteria

27 Thank you for Attending!

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