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Job advertisements / postings skills, qualifications jobs titles.

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1 Job advertisements / postings skills, qualifications jobs titles

2 qualifications, skills (required or preferred) CV, resumé Skill: a particular ability or type of ability We need people with practical skills like carpentry management skills Qualification: an exam that you have passed or a course of study that you have successfully completed academic/educational/professional/vocational qualifications In this job, experience counts for more than paper qualifications.

3 experience (degrees of) - working knowledge, familiarity - hands-on experience, on-the-job- experience - proficient, knowledgeable - strong, extensive knowledge -expert if you have a working knowledge of something, you can use it at a basic level

4 salary, wages, perks salary He gets a basic salary plus commission. wage, wages a weekly wage of £200 perk (benefici accessori, incentivi) (also formal perquisite) [usually plural] something you receive as well as your wages for doing a particular job Perks offered by the firm include a car and free health insurance.

5 Jobs graduate employer type: direct employer/ recruiting consultant, employment agency (agenzia interinale eg Adecco) industry (activity, trade, service) job function location salary hours contract

6 Trainee Business Manager trainee= a person who is being taught how to do a particular job Search: graduate/ hospitality/customer service /trainee business manager jobs/jobs/153780

7 acronyms, abbreviations HR Human Resources ASAP as soon as possible pa (per annum), ph (per hour), pw (per week), pm (per month) OTE on target earnings – the employee will receive the complete pay only if they succeed in doing as much work or selling as many things as the employer wants them to, and will get less pay if they do not succeed k/K thousand TBD to be discussed 6 months temp to perm (temporarily to permanently), N/A not applicable – it is written on a form to show that you do not need to answer a question min wage (minimum) PT/FT (part-time/full-time)

8 PA (Personal Assistant) Find business terms related to skills and professionalism Find words reflecting style /personality /work atmosphere

9 Charities (non-profit organization) Le charities sono associazioni benefiche o umanitarie che operano senza scopo di lucro, specialmente nei settori dellassistenza, della ricerca medica, dei diritti umani, delleducazione e della cultura. Sono molto numerose nel Regno Unito: attualmente se ne contano circa 165.000. Si dedicano a svariate attività: organizzano raccolte di fondi, manifestazioni sportive, feste, vendite di beneficenza (jumble sales), patrocinate dai soci o da aziende locali. Alcune hanno una rete di negozi (charity shops) con i cui proventi finanziano le proprie iniziative. Numerose organizzazioni umanitarie di fama mondiale, come Amnesty International e Oxfam, sono charities nate in Gran Bretagna.

10 Communication & Marketing Officer NOFIT State Circus, Cardiff

11 customer service customer: a person or an organization that buys something from a shop/store or business client: a person who uses the services or advice of a professional person or organization Search: customer service

12 front desk officer front desk: the desk inside the entrance of a hotel, an office building, etc. where guests or visitors go when they first arrive Search: no jobs available

13 team leader the person in a group who is responsible for encouraging and coordinating the teamworking of the group's members. The role of the team leader is often said to be less directive and more facilitative than that of the traditional foreman or supervisor, although in reality there may be little difference

14 project manager A Project Manager is the person responsible for leading a project from its start to planning, execution, managing the people and resources and scope of the project – its cost, time and quality that is also referred to as the triple constraint for projects. UX = User Experience

15 game tester

16 Job titles in Italian advertisements camouflaged influence of English on Italian pervasive in the area of LSP and professional communication in business and economics analysis of texts related to job advertising Search: - team leader meccanico senior - export manager junior - business intelligence consultant - hostess cosmesi

17 internship/ placement in Italian stage, often pronounced as if it was an English word (stagista) -Internship (work placement): a period of time during which a student or new graduate gets practical experience in a job, for example during the summer holiday/vacationan internship at a television station -placement: a job, often as part of a course of study, where you get some experience of a particular kind of work The third year is spent on placement in selected companies.

18 Find a job in Britain activity

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