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Working in New Zealand as a Registered Nurse or Midwife.

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1 Working in New Zealand as a Registered Nurse or Midwife

2 About ACCENT Health Recruitment NZ’s premier Health recruitment company. Over 28 years of collective health recruitment experience Offices covering all of NZ’s major employers. Completely free service. Run by nurses for nurses, midwifes and other medical staff Able to assist with your job search prior to arrival in NZ. Setup and management of applications and interviews.

3 Our Services Job vacancies in New Zealand and how to find them To work in NZ you will need 2 years post grad experience The vacancies in NZ will vary between location and time of the year ACCENT can help you with: Job Search Preparation of documentation/ applications for registration Management of applications and interviews Relocation advice Professional networking

4 Common Vacancies in NZ: Theatre Psychiatry Emergency Surgical Endoscopy Health care of the Elderly UK Qualifications and a broad experience are highly valued. Employers will most likely offer jobs after a phone interview, and recently skype interviews are becoming popular Positions are available in almost all locations in NZ at different times of the year. Post grad experience is required (at least 2 years)

5 Health Recruitment in NZ Constant demand for generalists – keep an open mind Nurses and other Health professionals are very well respected in NZ. 4 Weeks minimum paid leave and benefits on offer. Relocation cost cover is not common from the DHBs/ Employers so we advise not to rely on this.

6 Where can I work in New Zealand?

7 What can I earn? (Median base salary only, after hours and on-call are additional) Nurses$60,000 Midwives$ 60,000 - $80,000 Note: average salary in NZ is approximately $43,000 per annum, so this is a very good salary It is based on post graduate experience The starting salary for a new graduate, before unsociable hours/weekends/holidays is around $47,000

8 UK nursing & midwifery experience: Adapting to NZ -The patient, procedures and general nursing is very similar between the UK and NZ. -The ratio of nurses : patients is better – commonly 1:6 -There is a very positive collegial relationships within the multi disciplinary team -The shifts are a mix of 8 and 10 and 12 hours depending on each wards rostering -The pay is fortnightly -Tax is similar to that in the UK -Orientation is very thorough and you are well inducted -Keep a very open mind and stay positive - also ask questions

9 Applying for jobs in NZ: What nurses need to do Be prepared for a different process of recruitment Check if your skills are in high demand – ask us! Get your registration underway ASAP as this process can take several months to work through High demand or specialist skills may attract offers via phone or skype.

10 Average of 6-12 weeks to find a job Expect 2-3 interviews before an offer. Registration and immigration must be underway as potential employers prefer registration to be granted prior to interviewing Reference checks are standard - be prepared Employers will expect you to be available within 2-4 months of job offer, if not sooner. Employment in NZ: What to expect

11 CV format CV formats for NZ differ from the UK. There are some similarities, however NZ employers expect more information and clear evidence of skills. Standard information includes: Contact Details – Phone Numbers, Address, Email Address Personal Information – Visa Status, Availability, Interests (optional) Email us for a sample format ( )

12 CV format Summary – A short paragraph or bullet points summarising your experience, qualifications, and industry experience. This can also include your career objective. Education – Dates, Qualification, and Institution for any university, industry, or school certifications. Skills/Technical Skills – in bullet point or table format.

13 Work History Dates of employment, including month and year Company name and Position title Company information- include a short description of the hospital or place of employment/ ward or unit. Responsibilities, Projects (if relevant) and Achievements Training – Dates, Course, and Institution Referees – essential! (including email, mobile and night time phone numbers) CV format cont.

14 Interview advice NZ interviews are similar to the UK interviews, but will vary from client to client, they can formal and often conducted by a panel. Most interviews are competency based Be prepared to give in-depth answers to situational questions. i.e Tell me about a time when...... Background research is key. UK experience is highly valued, especially if interviewing in the same industry, use this advantage.

15 We can assist you with... Decision to relocate. CV preparation and Interview advice Registration Market advice, salary, skills etc. Job offers and negotiation. Final securing of employment.

16 Next Steps... THE THREE P’s: Preparation Persistence Paperwork

17 Living and working in NZ: lifestyle and how to adapt Be open to change Ask questions Read up and do your own research Accept invitations to go home to people homes - New Zealanders are very friendly and open! Avoid “when I was nursing in my country I ……..”

18 How do I get started on this process? As mentioned we have many years of experience in the industry and want to work with you to help you secure a position in NZ to get this process underway contact us on the details below Email Website Freephone from UK 0808 23 44468 Or by Facebook ACCENT HEALTH RECRUITMENT NEW ZEALAND

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