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Recruitment and Selection How will I recruit and select suitable staff for my small business?

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1 Recruitment and Selection How will I recruit and select suitable staff for my small business?

2 Internal or External? INTERNAL? Firms sometimes recruit people from among its existing employees. EXAMPLE… So, temporary or part-time staff may be invited to apply for a permanent or full time job. The company already knows the applicants and know how they work. It is a fast and cheap way for recruiting.

3 External? In your case, you will be recruiting new employees from outside the firm as you are just starting up a new business.

4 Recruitment Agency? Some employers prefer to use an agency to help them find staff. The employer gives the agency a detailed job and person specification and the agency then tries to find people that match up to what the employer wants…the agency is paid fees for its services.

5 Job Centres? These are government run offices found in most towns. They are set up to find help the unemployed to find jobs and local firms to fill vacancies. Someone interested in a job is given a short interview and if they are suitable they are sent to the employer for a further interview.

6 Internet? Jobs are also posted on the internet. There are also online agencies that ask you to register your CV and then they select you if you are suitable for the job. Businesses also post jobs on the internet and you can apply online.

7 The Recruitment and Selection Process… Vacancy Job Description, Job specification Advertisement Short list, Testing Interview Appointment Start work

8 KEY WORDS! Recruit Select Vacancy Internal Recruitment External Recruitment Job Description Job Specification CV Application Form

9 RECRUIT/Recruitment -the process used by firms for taking on new employees. It begins at the point where a firm decides it needs to employ a new worker and ends at the point where the person chosen starts work.

10 Selection Finding and choosing the best person for the job. How would you do that? -Advertising -CV -Application forms -References -Interview

11 Vacancy Deciding how many workers of each kind your business may need.

12 Job Description It is a detailed list that describes the duties and responsibilities of a job. It is sent to the applicant with an application form and includes: -the job title The job’s grade and the person to whom the job holder reports. The day-to-day tasks whether the job holder is responsible for other people…

13 Job: Sales assistant Pay: £5.35 per hour Reports to: Store manager Outline of responsibilities: * liaising with clients *meeting set sales targets * stocking, replenishing and cleaning sales areas; * assisting with product selection; * processing payments of various kinds; * offering advice to customers; * arranging delivery dates for larger items; *dealing with customer complaints; * monitoring and updating sales display areas. Hours: 36 hours per week, Monday-Saturday. JOB DESCRIPTION:

14 Job Specification: experience and personal qualities needed for a job EXAMPLE… Outgoing, friendly and confident personality with ability to work well in team orientated environment. Previous experience working in a retail sales role will secure.

15 Curriculum Vitae: A CV or Curriculum Vitae is: * Your Life History * Your job history * Your achievements * Your Skills A CV is an essential tool in your job search. When applying for a vacancy you generally first have to send your CV to present yourself to the prospective employer.

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