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Hodges Bend Middle School

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1 Hodges Bend Middle School
Success Preparedness through AVID ORGANIZATION

2 Success Preparedness through AVID Organization
Your organization directly impacts your ability to be a successful student Being organized means you have the things you need when you need them AND you can easily and quickly find what you are looking for!

3 Success Preparedness through AVID Organization
This presentation will show you how to use your: AVID Binder and String Backpack to organize your way to success!!

4 Binder Organization An organized binder impacts your ability to be a successful student Key Components: Cover Agenda Supplies Tabbed Dividers

5 BINDER COVER Write your name in sharpie on the outside in large letters Write your name on the inside spine as well Zipper covers for your binders are a great way to secure your binder and its contents

6 BINDER COVER Take time to personalize your binder cover
Decorate your binder with things that motivate you! Photos of your friends, family, heroes, and role models Artwork, stickers, motivational words, phrases Schedules, tutorials passes If your binder doesn’t have a plastic cover, make one using a baggie and duct tape!

Keep a pencil pouch in the front of your binder You will always be prepared for class! The MINIMUM supplies include: At least two pens At least two pencils Eraser Highlighter Add other items as needed!!!

8 AGENDA/PLANNER An organized agenda helps you PRIORITIZE the things you need to accomplish to be a successful student! Place student agenda immediately behind your supply pouch and always clip it into the binder rings Use a paper clip, sticky note or ribbon to bookmark the current week for EASY ACCESS! Write important information ON THE DATE that it is DUE so that you can always be prepared for your future!

9 AGENDA/PLANNER What should you write in your agenda?
Your personal contact information Your class schedule, including: Period, Class, Teacher, Room, Tutorials Schedule, Study Buddy Contact Information Important school events, club meetings, and practice schedules Hall Passes (written on the calendar pages) User Names, Passwords, etc. Exam and Test Dates Project Due Dates Homework Assignments (written on their due date)

10 TABBED DIVIDERS Have a separate tabbed divider for each class
Keep 5-10 sheets of blank notebook paper directly behind your handouts and homework in EACH tabbed section You will be ready to write or show your work without having to move paper around!

11 ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, Elective 1, Elective 2
TABBED DIVIDERS Required order for dividers: ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, Elective 1, Elective 2 NO LOOSE PAPERS! Hole punch your papers Put them in the rings of your binder immediately Use the proper tab!!

12 TABBED DIVIDERS In each class you may have different guidelines for how to set up that section Most work will be in chronological order with the newest work at the back of the section Be flexible and follow the teachers’ instructions

13 BINDER MAINTENANCE When your binder becomes full, your teacher will direct you on how to remove and store older work Check your binder each evening Did I complete everything that is due for the tomorrow? Can I work ahead on things that are due soon? Are there questions that I still have over what I have learned this week? Are all of my pages in the right place? Do I have the supplies and blank paper that I will need for the next few days?

14 String Backpack Organization
An organized backpack also impacts your ability to be a successful student Key Components: Supplies placed in pouch or baggie Lunch PE clothes (carry shoes separately) A book for DEAR days Your smart device or phone (turned to silent, of course)

Supplies that you don’t need in EVERY CLASS can be kept in your string backpack Organize your supplies base on how often you need them in class Have a pencil pouch or large baggie in your backpack for supplies that are too bulky for your binder pencil bag

Include supplies that might be useful in organizing your binder and agenda! Supplies might include: Map pencils, markers, highlighters Sticky notes Pencil sharpener, ruler, calculator Paper clips, glue stick, tape Earbuds, touch-screen stylus …. and more!!!

17 BACKPACK MAINTENANCE Your backpack should never be over stuffed!
Consider keeping an empty grocery sack in the bottom of your backpack to carry things like dirty PE clothes or other bulky items Check your backpack each evening Do I have the supplies that I will need for the next few days? Is there trash or other items that I can remove?

18 Success Preparedness through AVID Organization
Congratulations! If you are following these tips, you are well-organized and on the fast-track to success!! GO WARRIORS!!!!

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