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Key To Success Through Organization

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1 Key To Success Through Organization
AVID Binders Key To Success Through Organization

2 Why One Binder Everything is in One Place
Teacher and Parents can Check all Work Most Convenient for Students Manifests the Concept of Integrated Study Most Pragmatic for Tutorials

3 Binder Problems Many Different Tasks to Accomplish
If Lost – All Is Lost Can Get Out of Control if Ignored for Even a Short Time Other Teachers May have Other Requirements Grows Very Big

4 Binder hardware 3 ½ inch Three Ring Binder Dividers and Folders
Divider Labels Pencil Case Two Pens Two Pencils Highlighter

5 Binder Software – AVID Class
Calendar Filled Out Recent Materials on Top No Loose Pages Binder Grading Sheets Tutorial Request Sheets Tutor Log Advisor Logs & Grade Sheets

6 Binder Software - Academics
Calendar Filled Out Cornell Notes and Learning Logs in Chronological Order Handouts and Returned Work Extra Paper No Loose Pages

7 Binder Organization Maintain at least one pen and two pencils in your pouch at the front of your binder. Place student agenda immediately behind your pouch. Divide all periods or classes with labeled dividers File notes from most recent to oldest at the beginning of each divider section. Keep handouts and homework in chronological order also, right behind your notes. 

8 Binder Organization Very first sheet – cover sheet
Binder grade sheet next Tab for each class Assignment sheet at top of each tab Calendar optional Cornell style notes for all academic classes

9 When your binder becomes overloaded, keep current notes and handouts, and store old notes, homework, etc., in another notebook, folder, or box at home.

10 What about this interactive notebook?
Even though we will not be using the typical AVID binder, many of the concepts will remain the same Pencil pouch Agenda Class information Notebook Extra assignments Tutorials Learning Logs Grade sheets

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