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Welcome to the Organized Binder System!

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1 Welcome to the Organized Binder System!
Let’s get set up!

2 YOU NEED- * Your 3-ring Binder * 4 dividers in this order- LA SS Math
Science * 20 Plastic Sheet Protectors- 4 at the front and 4 behind each section! * 100 Sheets of Notebook Paper- at least 25 in each section! You will need to replenish it as needed! Always be prepared with paper and pencils.

3 First Page: Binder Cover Sheet
Write- Your Name and Grade Make it Decorative! Let it show something about you! Be creative!

4 Second Page: Informational Sheet
Fill out all of your teachers s down below as you visit their classes. Here you can find the bell schedule and a map of the school!

5 Third Page: PRIDE Logo and Cornell Notes STAR
Here is the mission of our school! Everyday you should be showing your PRIDE! On the back, this is the method for taking Cornell notes in each of your classes!

6 Fourth Page: Binder Check and TOC
Here is a template that you will use when you have a binder check. Here is a template that you will use to set up your table of contents (TOC)!

7 Core Subjects- Dividers
Language Arts Social Studies Math Science

8 *Each core subject will have the following behind their divider-

9 First Page: Goals/Escape Pass
Take a few minutes to think about and write a monthly goal you would like to achieve this month in this class. Place this in your first sheet protector. We will do this on the first day of EVERY MONTH! You get 4 Escape Passes a semester!

10 *** We will do this EVERY Monday.***
Second Page: Agenda Week One: Copy the Agenda and Homework from the board. *** We will do this EVERY Monday.*** 5. Insert this page into the second sheet protector.

11 Third Page: Weekly Lifeline
Everyday when you come in the WEEKLY LIFELINE will be on the screen. You need to copy the QUESTION and answer it under RESPONSE at the start of class Tues-Fri. Insert this page into the third sheet protector. You will complete the Learning Log portion at the end of class. When you are complete you will bring it to me for a stamp.

12 Fourth Page: Table of Contents * use notebook paper
Insert this page into the FOURTH sheet protector. Now insert your lined notebook paper. Here is where you will have all of your assignments, notes, classwork, etc.

13 Fifth Page: Class Reference Sheet- *behind the notebook paper
This paper will be determined by the teacher.

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