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Web Marketing Strategy DCU Sports Development Service.

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3 Web Marketing Strategy DCU Sports Development Service

4 The website is the central component of a social media strategy. If your website needs work, sort this out first before getting serious about social media! Your website is the foundation stone

5 Audience has changed: They are publishing They are creating They are selecting Your audience is in control-they are linked, listening & performing

6 Over 200 mill active users 600,000 new users every day 3rdmost trafficked website 50% of the Irish population over the age of 15 are on Facebook approximately 1.75 million users 90% of those aged 15-24 use the social media site. Two thirds of these use Facebook daily. One in five 55-64 year olds have a Facebook account. Source: (Feb 2011)

7 Get Found & Target Connect and Engage Create a Virtual community for sport Promote content Business Goals for Using Facebook DCU Sports Development Services

8 Profiles Profiles are for people. Profiles have friends (mutual acceptance) and Business Pages have fans (one-way opt-in ) Networks Where do you live? Where do you work? Where did you go to school? Groups To enable people to organise as groups / networks. Open, closed or private (with controls), More personal (admins are named). Aimed at smaller groups than Pages. Can create events for Members to join. Not indexed by search engines e.g. Communities, Interest Groups, Clubs, Associations,, etc. Pages To enable fans to follow their favourite brands. Pages have two walls, one of what the Page owner writes, and one just for fans to write their own messages. Less personal than Groups. Ability to add Applications (i.e. more content)Ability to create Events for fans e.g. Businesses, Restaurants, Bands, Organization Type of Facebook Accounts DCU Sports Development Services

9 Once they land on the profile they can’t even leave a message on your wall until you accept them as a friend Viewers may think that the services or products you are offering are part of a scam. Friend requests will still be subjected to the approval of that particular person. 1 administrator Disadvantages of Profile page for Business DCU Sports Development Services

10 How DCU Sports Development Service uses Facebook Weekly Fixtures & Results Promotion of Sports Events Sports News Post links to articles, videos of interest Post links to articles, videos, NGB’s info etc Post Photos

11 Do it right Compliment your other marketing strategies Approve comments Lack of customisation

12 Name Change Type of Page ? Promote Facebook site Increase members Run competitions Increase Administrators Link to Twitter Future Development DCU Sports Development Service

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