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Company/Product Overview. You have lots of files all over the place.

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1 Company/Product Overview

2 You have lots of files all over the place

3 And you have lots of devices that you want to access your files from

4 ViveDrive connects your Devices and your Files from wherever you are I use it to Stream my music from my computer to my iPad Its so easy to backup pictures using ViveDrive even a Bigfoot can do it ViveDrive lets me access the files on my work computer when I am on the road traveling ViveDrive makes it really easy to post pictures and videos to Facebook Its easy to keep my iTunes library synchronized with my Android phone ViveDrive makes it easy for me to share files with my customers whether they are on my computer or in my DropBox Account

5 Its easy to setup ViveDrive Install ViveDrive on one Computer in your Network Create your ViveDrive Account (Pick a Username and Password or use your Facebook Login) Access your files by visiting (you can download the mobile clients from this page as well)

6 ViveDrive even lets you share your files with family, friends, and co-workers Three Easy Steps to sharing Files, Pictures, Music, and Movies… When the recipient clicks on the shared file(s) ViveDrive will send them the file (automatically converting video and audio files on the fly to be compatible with the type of device they are using) Works with files stored on your… The user finds the file or folder they want to share and enters in the e- mail address of the user they want to share with The recipient is sent an e-mail from you with a link to the file or folder you shared

7 ViveDrive has a simple to use Interface and also provides Android and Apple Clients..

8 ViveDrive Summary Allows the user to ACCESS, SYNCHRONIZE, and SHARE any of their files: Files stored on any device in their network Files they uploaded to popular cloud services like DropBox, SkyDrive, etc. Files stored directly from their mobile devices (without uploading content to a server) Provides robust transcoding and trans-rating of audio and video content so files end up in the correct format Allows the user to share files and folders with other people Fully integrated with popular social networking engines like Facebook Provides a unified search capability to search across all files being managed by ViveDrive (Local on the PC, in Web Storage, etc.)

9 Contact Info Scot Zarkiewicz (Founder) (e) (p) 908-625-2480 (w) http://www.singleclickconnect.com (fb)

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