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IPads in Education Part 2: Apps for Teachers Dr. Gita Phelps Information Systems & Computer Science GCSU.

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1 iPads in Education Part 2: Apps for Teachers Dr. Gita Phelps Information Systems & Computer Science GCSU

2 Agenda Day 2 Productivity Apps Reading on the iPad Free Educational Apps Searching for Apps

3 Productivity Apps Cloud Computing File Sharing Creating Documents Classroom Management

4 Cloud Computing: Overview Place your files on a server that you can access via the web Using the cloud, you can be mobile but still connected to everything

5 Storage 16, 32, or 64 GB of internal flash memory. All data is stored on the internal flash memory, with no option to expand storage. – Apple sells a "camera connection kit" with an SD card reader, but it can only be used to transfer photos and videoSD card Use cloud storage to save space on iPad

6 Cloud Storage Never email yourself a file again! Share your photos, docs and videos Take notes and easily find information later. Sync content between different devices

7 Productivity Apps: Cloud Computing DropBox (FREE) EverNote (FREE) iCloud (FREE) Link:

8 Cloud Storage: DropBox Dropbox is superior for syncing files, backups and storage. It creates a local folder on your hard disk of your PC or laptop, and synchronizes it with the online folders of Dropbox. Dropbox acts as if it is part of your computer Storage: 2GB Free Space Max File Size: No maximum

9 Cloud Computing: EverNote Note Taking and Syncing Service Not meant to store all files – You are given a certain amount of storage per month so that you can take notes from anywhere and store them in one place. – Storage: 50MB per month (free) – Max File Size: 50MB Evernote is perfect if you want to easily capture ideas and things you see while you are online or out and about and access them from any computer Search by keywords even text found in pictures

10 EverNote Uses Make a list of movies that you want to watch Take a photo of the page you are reading in a book and use Evernote to make your notes, keeping your book pages clean Keep track of your receipts! Take a picture of your receipts! EverNote can search for specific items listed on your receipts. Link: Link:

11 Cloud Storage: iCloud iCloud (5GB free) – Setting up: You must have iOS 5 on all devices 285/how-to-install-ios-5/ 285/how-to-install-ios-5/ Syncing content between different devices. – Take a picture or download a song in iTunes with your iPhone and have it appear automatically on your iPad

12 Productivity Apps: File Sharing Using iTunes 9.1 or later, you can copy files between your computer and apps on your iOS device that support File Sharing – GoodReader (4.99) You can share with other devices wirelessly if you are on the same Wi-Fi network – CameraForIPad (0.99) Link: with-a-nearby-computer#common_network with-a-nearby-computer#common_network

13 USB File Transfer Connect to iTunes and drag files to APP

14 Good Reader ($4.99) #1 selling non-Apple app for iPad in 2010 in USA WiFi Transfer: Wirelessly transfer items to/from iPad USB File Transfer – Connect to iTunes and drag files to APP. Video: LNK:

15 Camera For iPad ($0.99) Add a camera to your iPad wirelessly! – Great for iPad 1 users who have an iPhone Connects any two devices to send the camera from one to the other. Install on both ipad and iPhone By Headlight Software

16 Productivity Apps: Creating Documents Creating Documents with Stylus – Notability (0.99) – Air Sketch (FREE,9.99), – WritePad (9.99) Audio – Dragon Dictation (Free) External Keyboard – QuickOffice (19.99), DocumentsToGo (9.99 – 16.99) – Pages, Keynotes, Numbers (9.99 each)

17 Notability ($0.99) By GingerLabs Video:

18 Air Sketch ($9.99) VIDEO: Project pdf documents and images wirelessly to a computer on the same network and annotate in real time. Paid version adds color, insert pictures By Qrayon, LLC LINK:

19 WritePad for iPad ($9.99) Handwriting recognition! Synchronize with DropBox and EverNote – Settings/Synchronization settings Video: By Stan Miasnikov

20 Dragon Dictation (FREE) Dictate audio and use voice-to-text translation to create notes or email Commands – “period” – “exclamation point” – “new line” – “new paragraph” – “space bar” Great for iPad 1 users

21 Create & Modify Desktop Documents Creating Microsoft Office Documents – DocumentsToGo ($9.99 -16.99), QuickOffice ($19.99) Creating Mac Documents ($9.99 each) – Pages, Numbers, Keynote Read Reviews!

22 Productivity Apps: Classroom Management Innovative Classroom Management Tools – management-tools/ management-tools/ PupilPicker ($0.99) TeacherPal (FREE)

23 PupilPicker: ($0.99) Random Picker/ Performance Recorder By Michael Tillyer

24 TeacherPal (FREE) Take attendance Track grades and behavior Set up a profile for each student that can even include information such as allergies. Email parents and/or students directly from the app. By ITWorx

25 Reading On The iPad Buy Books in Store – iBook – LINK: – Kindle, Google Books, Nook Free Books – Stanza Checkout books in Library – Twin Lake Library – Over Drive Buy Apps – Free Books – 23,469 Classics (Spreadsong,Inc) – Read Me Stories (8Interactive Limited) – Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore ($4.99)

26 Free Educational Apps iTunes U – Access courses from other school Khans Academy – Educational Videos ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard – Explore existing topics – Create your own whiteboard tutorials Educreations – Create and share a video lesson

27 Resources – Applists App Store – – Category Education – Top Picks – Top Free In ITunes go to app store – –

28 Resources Consider the apps you like – View more of developer’s products – View apps “Customers also bought” Special Education – Language Apps StoryBuilder $7.99 – Free Apps for Special Education l l

29 Resources pps-for-teachers.html pps-for-teachers.html excellent-ipad-applications-for-teachers/ excellent-ipad-applications-for-teachers/ educational-ipad-apps-for-kids-reading-writing/ educational-ipad-apps-for-kids-reading-writing/ Search Google : “iPad Apps for … “

30 Thank You !

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