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The Romanian Team.

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1 The Romanian Team

2 Musat Raluca My name is Raluca, I am 14 and I am in 8th grade at "Nicolae Iorga" School from Ploiesti. I live in Ploiesti with my parents and my sister, Andreea. She's 25 and she likes travels. My hobbies are: dancing, playing basketball and playing with my little cat. At school I like English class, Sports, Mathematics and Latin language.

3 . Like all teenagers of my age, I like to sit at the computer, talking on messenger with my friends and listen to music. My favorite music is rock and metal. I also like to go to McDonald’s and I like pizza too. My favorite juice is Cola and I love to drink a doze of cola every time when I go outside with my friends. Ghita Iuliana Hi, my name is Iulia and I am 14 years old and I have a sister who is 20 years old. I live in Ploiesti, a large city in Romania. My school`s name is “Nicolae Iorga”. I don’t like school, but I have to go because when I grow up I am going to get rid of it

4 Bercea Daiana I learn at “Nicolae Iorga” School in 8th grade . Because of that I have a lot to learn and I have just a little free time. I also practice dance sport and I have many training. I am a dancer since I have 3 years old and I like this sport. In my free time a also like to talk with my friends on messenger or to stay with them , to watch on TV, to listen to music or to read a good book. My favorite book is Twilight from Stephenie Meyer. Hi. My name is Daiana and I am 14. I live in Ploiesti, Romania on street Soldat Erou Arhip Nicolae, number 5 with my family. My mom’s Gabriela and my dad Stefan and I have a little brother, Alin.

5 Constantinescu Alexandra
Hy! I am Alexa, a 14 years old child. Like every kid in this world I like to sleep, to sing and to listen music. This are my hobbies. My parents are named Raluca and Marian. Every evening I like the sunset, the sky and I like to sing when the moon it's up. I have a best friend which I spent my free time. This is me and I will be for ever what I am. In photo please ignore my face.

6 Nastase Adrian My favorite sport is soccer . In my free time I walk outside or I walk with my roller. Sometimes I annoy my brother because is funny. I listen Michel Jackson and I saw the documentary “This is it” , he is the best of pop music . This is me . Hello ! My name is Adrian and I am 14 years old .I live in Ploiesti a medium city in Romania . My family includes my parents and a little brother . His name is Alin and he is 9 years old. I hate school , but I like sport

7 P.S.: Sorry for the picture, I know is a little funny .
Stan Roxana Hi! I’m Roxana and I’m 14 years old. My family is compose of: my parents and my sister, Catalina. In my free time I like to watch anime and read manga, because I’m a big fan anime-manga ( anime are the Japanese cartoon, but more smart and beautiful and manga are the japanese comics). I also read, in my free time. My favorite books are Harry Potter ,all 7 volumes. I like to listen music. My favorite type is j-pop and j-rock ( j is from japanese) .I love Japan and I hope one day, I will visit this country. This summer vacation I will learn japanese with a teacher, here in Romania. P.S.: Sorry for the picture, I know is a little funny .

8 Badin Ioana Hello! My name is Ioana and I am 14 years old. I learn in Nicolae Iorga school with my colleagues from 8th A . They are great…just like the teachers. I like all types of music and in my free time I go to karate training. I own the brown belt. In weekends I go to my grandparents and together with my sister, I play there. It is very funny. I also like to read…My favorite books are: “Eragon” and “The children from the magic lamp”. These are S.F. books, but I like comic movies too. I didn’t tell you about my family. I have a younger sister (Maria), my mother (Iulia) and my father (Marian). I almost forgot about Dizzy. She is my little, cute puppy-dog. Sometimes, she tries to catch her tail and is very hilarious.

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