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All About Me My Life, My Family, My Friends, and just Me.

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1 All About Me My Life, My Family, My Friends, and just Me

2 Friends My Friends have been a very important part of my life. This specific friend, Tori, taught me a lesson that you shouldn't think that you are better than anyone. Friends are the ones who help you out in hard times. My friends are the best.


4 Big Boy This part of my slide is dedicated to my four year old cousin who passed away and flew to heaven last year. He was the biggest part of my life and still is and will forever be in my heart. He loved spiderman and when he was laying in his hospital bed he said he would fight like spiderman to destroy the villian that was inside of him.

5 Forever in our hearts Ryan Joshua

6 Softball is one of my favorite sports it reminds me that competition is friendly, but also takes a lot of time and commitment. This is only one of the reasons why i love softball!

7 Palmyra High School Palmyra High school is the school that i will attending next year for jr. high I will play basketball, volleyball, and i will hopefully throw shotput in track. They have excellent teachers there who are willing to help you if you need help.

8 My Sisters. Rustilynn and Ciera

9 Sisters: Ciera is very athletic and succeeds in everything that she does. She will help me when i need help and will have fun when i am down. I love her with all my heart and am glad that she is my older sister. Rustilynn's story is a little diffrent. Me and her do not always get along but we can have fun. Not as much as me and Ciera but we have our own ways of having fun. I also love her. Kerra and Tara: These are my sisters who i don't get to see very often. Kerra lives in Arkansas and Tara lives in Alabama. I miss them very much. Kerra is about to graduate and Tara is almost four. I love them also very much. These are my step-sisters.


11 All ABOUT ME!!! I am twelve years old and go to Bennet Elementary. I am in sixth grade and i am almost in seventh. I live in the country out of Palmyra. I participate in softball legion team. I love all my teammates. I have four sisters. My mom is Staci Dowding and my dad is Dennis Dowding

12 In my free time i enjoy to draw things that i find on the internet. I mostly draw pictures that i know i will be able to draw but sometimes i push myself to draw better more experinced things. Some of the things i have drawn are the pictures on this page.

13 The music of my life I love the songs: Everywhere i go Solo 21 guns Do you know your enemy? This is the story of a girl I'm Awesome Lean on me

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