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Exercise and your Body.

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1 Exercise and your Body

2 Components of Fitness Muscular Strength Muscular Flexibility
Muscular Endurance Cardiovascular Endurance Body Composition (Body Mass Index)

3 Muscular Strength What: amount of force a muscle can put out towards a resistance. Purpose: able to meet demands of moving a weight for a shortened period of time. (pushing a car, unloading groceries, moving furniture)

4 Muscular Endurance What: ability for a muscle to repeat a movement several times, or hold a contracted position Purpose: to be able to meet general demands of light/moderate movements several times without stopping, or sustaining a contracted position for extended period of time. (Raking leaves, mowing the lawn, walking to work, holding a baby)

5 Muscular Flexibility What: the degree in which a muscle can be physically lengthened Purpose: allows for optimal range of motion at joints and the bodies ability to bend, stretch and twist. (Dancing, yoga, *all physical based actions)

6 Cardiovascular Endurance
What: the ability for your heart, lungs, and vascular system to deliver and replenish oxygen rich blood to your bodies muscles for sustained physical activity Purpose: oxygen cells are cycled through the muscle when needed for action. Repeated actions require a continuous supply in order to function. (Running, walking, cycling, dancing)

7 Body Composition What: is the amount of fat tissue on your body in comparison to lean body tissue (Muscles/bones) Purpose: having the appropriate body composition (mostly measure in BMI) ensures good balance in fuel systems, healthy organ function, and proper muscle development.

8 F I T T Principles F – Frequency: how often you train
I – Intensity: how rigorous or difficult is training T – Time: how long is a training period T – Type: what are your exercises promoting

9 Exercise Planning Know WHAT you want to achieve. Set a realistic plan
Vary your plan and your workouts Approach with idea of improving “overall fitness,” not just one specific issue It’s not just about running and lifting weights!!

10 Fitness Focus Be active every day
Muscular Strength (2-5 days/wk min) Muscular Flexibility (2-5 days/wk min) Muscular Endurance (3-5 days/wk min) Cardio Endurance (3-5 days/wk min in THZ) ***THZ = Target Heart Rate Zone***

11 Heart Rate Resting HR = # beats per 60 seconds
Max Heart Rate = 220 – your age (Approximation) Target Zones: Cardio/Muscle Endurance 65%-80% of Max heart rate Burns fat as fuel source, most beneficial to body

12 Creating your plan Plan a full week of fitness based off the Components of Fitness and the F.I.T.T Principles. For each day make sure to include the exercises you do, and apply the FITT Principles to them. Note – certain exercises will be very component focused, others will be beneficial to several aspects.

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