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Wellness An Overview. Health Related Physical Fitness.

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1 Wellness An Overview

2 Health Related Physical Fitness


4 Cardio-Respiratory Endurance

5 Muscle Strength Health Related Physical Fitness

6 Muscle Endurance

7 Health Related Physical Fitness Flexibility

8 Health Related Physical Fitness

9 Body Composition  % lean tissue to fat tissue  What is lean tissue?  What do we do that will improve “Body Composition”

10 What is lean tissue?  Muscles  Bones

11 Proper Nutrition & Exercise

12 Cardio-respiratory Endurance  Cardio = heart  Respiratory = lungs  Definition: the ability of the heart and lungs to work efficiently for a long period of time  What is the “work” that the heart and lungs do?

13 What is the Work that the Heart and Lungs do?  Pump oxygen to the working muscles

14 Muscle Strength  The power to push, pull or lift  Heavy weights  Just a few times  In the weight room, to develop strength, lift heavy weights 4- 8 repetitions

15 Muscle Endurance  The ability of the muscles to work over a long period of time  In the weight room, lift lighter weights for 12 – 25 repetitions  Aerobic activity will build muscle endurance as you repeat muscle action over a long period of time

16 Flexibility  The ability of the joints to move through the full range of motion  Flexibility increases with stretching!






22 Principle of Specificity 1. Choose a Goal 2. Choose the right activity to meet that goal. 3. What activities will improve the chosen component of fitness?

23 Principle of Progression  The best benefits of exercise are gained when starting slowly and gradually increasing the amount over a period of time.

24 Principle of Overload  This is the basis for improving fitness!  Overload is a GOOD thing!  The principle says that in order to get fit, you must increase what you are doing over the every day level of activity.

25 Principles of Fitness





30 Frequency  How often you should work out  For example: Do you jazzercise 2, 3 or 4 times per week?

31 Intensity  How hard you should work  In the weight room, intensity is measured by the amount of weight you are lifting.  In an aerobic activity, intensity is measured by your heart rate.

32 Time  How long (or duration) you should work out

33 Apply the Principles of Fitness to see your fitness level improve!!

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