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Fitness Principles What does it mean to be Physically Fit.

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1 Fitness Principles What does it mean to be Physically Fit

2 Skill Related Fitness Vs. Health Related Fitness Can you guess the meaning / difference? Vs.

3 Skill Related Fitness Skill Related Fitness: The attributes that make you athletic or good at sports. Examples: speed, agility, hand-eye coordination, foot-eye coordination, quickness, explosive power, balance.

4 Skill- Related Fitness - Many of these attributes are hereditary from your genes. -It is more difficult to improve upon these attributes

5 Health-Related Fitness Only partially hereditary Hard work can produce significant increases Sweat Equity!

6 Health-Related Fitness The physical attributes that make a person healthy / physically fit. There are 5 basic components of health- related fitness. Can you name one???

7 Cardiovascular Fitness The efficiency of your heart and lungs to transport blood (full of oxygen) to the body. Regular cardiovascular exercise will help improve the efficiency of this process. The body takes in oxygen, utilizes it, and then gets rid of the waste. (carbon dioxide and excess water). Nearly 100,000 beats per day. No Breaks!

8 Muscular Strength The muscle’s ability to generate strength. How much force can you exert? You can improve this area by using resistance training. (Weights, body weight exercises)

9 Muscular Endurance Your ability to produce force over a period of time. How long can your muscles perform? Best improved with body weight exercises, lighter weight exercises, yoga, circuit training.

10 Flexibility The range of motion within a joint or series of joints, and muscle length. Improved by stretching, yoga, gymnastics, other movements that stretch the muscles.

11 Body Composition Lean mass vs. fat Different from BMI Measured by the actual amount of lean mass vs. body fat How is it measured / estimated?


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