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1 FITNESS THEORY Components of Testing, Goal-setting and the FITT Formula


improves the heart, circulatory and respiratory systems Makes your heart more efficient Improves heart’s ability to bring oxygen to muscles Improves muscles’ ability to use oxygen It is AEROBIC exercise (using oxygen) The most important component to indicate fitness BRAINSTORM EXAMPLES

4 Examples of Cardiovascular Endurance training exercises
Jogging, swimming, rollerblading, aerobic classes, cardio-type dance (Zumba), speed walking, cycling

5 MUSCULAR ENDURANCE is the ability to perform an activity for a long period of time, either in repeated repetitions or to hold a position for a length of time Produces “burn” in muscles Builds long, lean muscles, muscle tone ANAEROBIC exercise (without oxygen) BRAINSTORM EXAMPLES

6 Examples of Muscular Endurance training exercises
- Weight lifting: high repetitions, low weight (3 sets of repetitions) Body resistance exercises (curl-ups, push ups, crunches, squats, lunges, plank, all core exercises) Ie. 3 sets of 30 crunches, 3 sets of 10 pushups, etc.

7 MUSCULAR STRENGTH the amount of energy a muscle can produce usually in one repetition. Short, powerful workouts builds big, bulky muscles ANAEROBIC exercise (without oxygen) BRAINSTORM EXAMPLES

8 Examples of Muscular Strength training
Weight lifting: heavy weight, low repetitions Intervals of powerful, short-duration movements: Jumping, sprinting, throwing, striking activities

9 FLEXIBILITY ability to move a joint through its full range of motion.
How far can you stretch?

10 Examples of Flexibility training exercises
Dynamic stretching: pre-activity Stretching by moving through range of motion Knees up, bum-kicks, squats, “A’s” and “B’s” Static Stretching: post-activity -being still while stretching and holding stretch for extended period of time ie. 3 sets of 30 seconds quad stretch, triceps’ stretch, calf stretch

11 BODY COMPOSITION is body mass, percent body fat, lean muscle mass and body type. Your body type will not change but you can make any body look good by getting FIT!

12 FITT FORMULA Frequency, Intensity, Time, Type
-a formula to show me how I can train in order to improve any Component of Fitness

13 FREQUENCY Refers to the number of training sessions done in one week

14 INTENSITY Refers to how hard the individual must work during a training session Measured using your heart rate (beats per minute/ bpm) Take pulse to measure heart rate Take pulse for 10 sec and multiply by 6 to get bpm

15 TIME The amount of time spent in each single training session:
Ie. “today I will run for 25 minutes”

16 TYPE The specific kind of exercise that will be done
There will be more than one type of exercise that can be done to improve performance in each component of fitness Each exercise must be related to the end goal though ie. Doing situps will not improve your pushup scores


MY GOALS In order to set a goal for yourself (in this case, a fitness goal), it should meet the following criteria:

19 SPECIFIC What is the specific component of fitness and specific fitness test that you are working to improve?

20 MEASURABLE (give it a number)
Provide a specific number for your goal For example: 20 push ups 7 laps 8 minutes

21 A ATTAINABLE (is it possible?)
Will you be able to achieve this goal? How will you achieve it?

22 R REALISTIC (is it probable?)
Is this a realistic goal for you? Is it within your fitness capabilities? Why do you think so?

23 T TIME FRAME (when will it be complete?)
Set a date by which you will have achieved your goal. For our purposes, it will be by the next round of fitness testing Fall Winter Spring


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