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Kings & Prophets Ch.5.

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1 Kings & Prophets Ch.5

2 Moses Saved by his mother Raised in Egypt
Moses kills an Egyptian and flees Burning Bush “let my people go” 10 plagues Red Sea 10 Commandments Does NOT take the Israelites into Canaan

3 Joshua Born in Egypt A spy for Israel
Became leader of Israelites after Moses Took people into the Promised Land Led Israelites in the destruction of Jericho Tribes are separated and given land Levites get 48 cities

4 Joshua dies and, for the first time, Israel does not have a leader.

5 Judges Othniel Ehud Shamgar Deborah Gideon Tola Joir Jephthah Ibiza
Leon Abode Samson Iron Age Gone is the time of Miracles. Gone is the time where good from bad is clear Judges were warriors Israelites fall into a cycle of sin The sin of Israel is worshiping Baal

6 BA’AL god of… Rain Thunder Fertility Agriculture

7 SIN Servitude Repentance Salvation Silence CYCLE OF SIN

8 Samson Leader of the Danite Tribe (Dan)
Gets entangled with Delilah (Philistine) Delilah wants Samson’s secret of strength He finally tells her He is tortured He commits suicide

9 Book of Judges Led by judges for 200+ years
Ends with the nation falling apart due to weak leadership. The Israelites look at other nations The Israelites want a king

10 Samuel

11 Samuel Hears God speak to him
Israel understands Samuel was chosen by God

12 The “Ark” is Captured

13 Eat More Chicken!

14 Samuel makes his sons judges…
They were terrible!

15 Samuel Warned Israel that a King would bring: - an army - taxes
- slavery God selects Saul to be Prince…not King.

16 Saul Rich Good looking That’s about it

17 Samuel anoints Saul

18 Saul Leads Israel into battle and wins Becomes prideful
Saul disobeys God Samuel never speaks to Saul again

19 Saul Saul needs Samuels help with a battle. Samuel is dead
Saul goes to a witch in Endor The witch congers up the spirit of Samuel

20 Saul falls on his sword

21 David Skilled harpist Brave warrior
Killed the Philistine giant, Goliath Was chased after by a jealous Saul

22 David Ruled the southern kingdom – Judah (7years)
Eventually united the North and South (33 years) Made Jerusalem Israel’s capital David had a son, Solomon

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