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The Israelite Kingdom Chapter 8.2.

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1 The Israelite Kingdom Chapter 8.2

2 Early Kings By 1100 B.C., Israelites had settled Canaan
developed a prosperous culture created an alphabet and calendar

3 Early Kings Israel had one powerful enemy-The Philistines

4 Saul: The First King Samuel anointed Saul as first king of Israel
Saul won many battles Disobeyed God’s commands

5 King David David killed Goliath before he became king

6 King David King united tribes of Israel Defeated the Philistines
Established a capital city in Jerusalem Wrote some of the Book of Psalms

7 Psalm 23

8 King Solomon David’s son Built the first temple in Jerusalem
Builds many beautiful temples and structures throughout the city Known for his wisdom Author of Proverbs

9 Solomon’s wisdom

10 Getting tired of The Israelites were getting tired of working on all of King Solomon’s building projects

11 Two Kingdoms 10 northern tribes founded Israel Capital was Samaria
Two Southern kingdoms formed Judah Capital was Jerusalem

12 The Fall of Israel Assyrians forced conquered people to pay tribute
Israel refused Assyrians invaded Israel in 722 B.C.

13 The Fall of Judah People of Judah survived Assyrian conquest, but it did not last Nebuchadnezzar forced people to leave Jerusalem and live in Babylon This time became known as the EXILE Nebuchadnezzar leveled Jerusalem and destroyed the temple

14 What was the Prophets’ Message?
Prophets offered hope in times of despair Prophets explained that people were not obeying God Prophets urged people to change their ways and make the world a better place Prophets stressed importance of leading a moral life Prophets helped others connect with God

15 Kings Unite the Israelites
King Saul King David King Solomon 1100BC First king of Israel Chosen by the judge named Samuel Defeated the Philistines Disobeyed some of God’s commands Samuel chose another king. Young shepherd, famous for killing Goliath King Saul gave David control of the army After Saul’s death, David became king Defeated the Philistines Established Israel’s capital, Jerusalem. Wrote many songs and Psalms Israel enjoyed prosperous times under David’s rule Son of David C. 970BC Built the 1st temple in Jerusalem Wise king, under his rule Israel was peace for many years Wrote wise sayings called proverbs Israelites did not like all the taxes and working on his projects Died c. 922 BC

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