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Bellringer  Use textbook to define the following words Chapter 9Chapter 10 JudgesParables VirtuesPsalm CanticlesNazirite.

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1 Bellringer  Use textbook to define the following words Chapter 9Chapter 10 JudgesParables VirtuesPsalm CanticlesNazirite

2 CH 10 The Kingdom of Israel

3 Samuel  Mother Hannah prayed to God for a baby  Promised to dedicate the child’s life to God  Had a baby boy (Samuel) who was raised by the high priest Eli  Samuel became a priest, prophet, and the last judge of Israel (moral compass of Israel)

4 Israel Wants a King  Hebrews told Samuel they wanted a king (to be like other nations)  God gave them a king but warned Israel it would lead to their downfall

5 King Saul  Saul, a shy young man, was chosen for the first king  Saul did a great job at first but later disobeyed God  God decided to find a new king to replace Saul and his family

6 David the Shepherd Boy  God chose a shepherd boy from the tribe of Judah for the next king  “A man after God’s own heart”  Samuel secretly anointed David as king while Saul was still alive

7 Goliath Goliath  Goliath the Philistine champion challenged anyone in the Hebrew army to an one on one fight (according to Bible Goliath was 9ft 9in tall

8 David and Goliath  David heard him and volunteered to fight him when no one else would  David refused any armor and killed Goliath using a sling shot, some stones, and Goliath’s own sword  The term “David vs Goliath” is still used today in politics, courtrooms, and sports

9 David and Saul  David is welcomed into Saul’s house at first  David played music to relieve Saul’s headaches and became a great warrior  David became best friends with Saul’s oldest son Jonathan

10 David and Saul  Saul eventually became jealous of David and tried to kill him  Jonathan warned David of his father’s plans  David fled and formed an alliance with the Philistines

11 Death of Saul  David spared Saul’s life several times  Saul went to see the Witch of Endor to summon the ghost of Samuel  Samuel told him he had no chance of winning  Saul and his sons died the next day in battle (Saul committed suicide)

12 King David  David became the new king  Made the city of Jerusalem his capital  Wanted to build God a temple but was not allowed to (too much blood on his hands)

13 David and Bathsheba  David saw Bathsheba taking a bath one night  Husband Uriah was a member of David’s army  Sent for her and had her stay the night  Bathsheba became pregnant

14 David and Bathsheba  David tried to cover up his actions  Cover up did not work  Arranged for Uriah to be killed  David married Bathsheba but Nathan the prophet confronted David over what he did  David told the child would die and his family would turn on each other

15 Absalom’s Rebellion  David’s son Ammon forced himself on his half sister Tamar  Tamar’s brother Absalom killed Ammon  David expelled Absalom from the palace

16 Absalom’s Rebellion  Absalom returned and tried to overthrow David  David eventually regrouped and attacked Absalom’s allies  Absalom fled but was killed when his hair was caught in a tree branch

17 King Solomon  Son of David and Bathsheba  God told him he would give him anything and Solomon asked for wisdom  God told him he would give him wisdom, money, and power

18 Bellringer  If you had one wish, what would you wish for?

19 The Kingdom of Solomon  Israel reached its greatest power under Solomon  Solomon built the temple in Jerusalem

20 Solomon’s Wisdom  Queen of Sheba  Dispute between two mothers  Wrote the books of Proverbs, Song of Solomon, and Ecclesiastes

21 Solomon’s Wives  Had over 300 wives and 700 concubines (military alliances)  Wives led him away from God  Returned to God before he died????

22 Notes Quiz 1. Who was the last judge of Israel? 2. Why did Israel want a king? 3. Who was the first king of Israel? 4. What city did David make his capital when he became king? 5. Why did God not allow David to build the temple? 6. What did Solomon ask God for? 7. Which king built the first temple to the God of the Hebrews?

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