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Chapter 3, Section 2 The Kingdom of Israel.

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1 Chapter 3, Section 2 The Kingdom of Israel

2 The Israelites Choose a King
Philistines – strongest people in Canaan, iron weapons and tools, best cities Some Israelites copied Philistine religion To prevent this, they decided they needed a king of their own. Unite tribes Fight off Philistines

3 The Rule of King Saul In 1020 B.C. the Israelites asked Samuel, a judge and a prophet, to choose a king. Prophet – a person who the ancient Israelites thought was instructed by God.

4 anoint – bless with oil to show that God has chosen him.
The Israelites still wanted a king despite Samuel’s warnings. Samuel anointed warrior-farmer Saul as king. anoint – bless with oil to show that God has chosen him.

5 More about Saul Saul – tall, handsome, defeated enemies.
Saul disobeyed God Samuel secretly anointed another king The new king was a young shepherd named David.

6 King David David – defeated Goliath. David in charge of armies
Saul jealous Saul wanted to kill David!


8 Tribute – money or slaves given to a stronger ruler.
David on the Throne David conquered many nations and created an empire. David received tribute. Tribute – money or slaves given to a stronger ruler.

9 King David heavily taxed Israelites.
Wanted to expand Jerusalem David wanted to build a temple died before the temple was built David – known as the greatest Israelite king

10 proverbs – wise sayings
King Solomon Solomon, David’s son took over when David died Finished temple Temple – center of Jewish religion Solomon-well known for his proverbs. proverbs – wise sayings Example - The king's wrath is as the roaring of a lion; but his favor is as dew upon the grass.

11 More about Solomon Solomon taxed the people to pay for his great buildings. The people hated Solomon

12 Two Kingdoms After Solomon’s death: Samaria – capital of Israel.
Fighting 10 tribes broke away and formed Israel 2 tribes created Judah Samaria – capital of Israel. Jerusalem – capital of Judah.

13 Jerusalem


15 A Troubled Time Israel and Judah – smaller and weaker than Assyria and Chaldea

16 Prophets Special Message:
prophets - brought hope to the kingdom of Israel. Said lead a moral life Help others Prophets Special Message: Being faithful meant MORE than going to a temple for worship. It meant working for a JUST society.

17 What Caused the Fall of Israel?
Conquer by the Assyrians 722 B.C 10 tribes scattered. called the “lost tribes of Israel.” Assyrians moved to Israel Mixed Assyrians and Israelites = Samaritans.

18 Why Did Judah Fall? The Egyptians conquered Judah in 620 B.C.
The Jews kept king Paid tribute to Egypt 605 B.C. Chaldeans conquered Egypt and Judah Egyptians and Jews rebelled.

19 King Nebuchadnezzar conquered again
Punished Jews Destroyed temple Destroyed Jerusalem Captured most Jews and sent them to Babylon This time was known as the Babylonian Captivity.

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