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Exploring Energy Opportunities In India NABC Conference June 29, 2006.

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1 Exploring Energy Opportunities In India NABC Conference June 29, 2006

2 India’s Energy Sector - Present & Future Coal, 55% Hydro, 26% Oil, 1% Gas, 10% Renewable, 5% Nuclear, 3% Fuel Sources, 2006 Per Capita Consumption of Electricity 2004 - 2005: 606 kWh / year Currently 56% of households in rural areas are without electricity 124 GW 200 GW Current Goal by 2012 Power Generation in India 61% Increase Energy Demand Met Peak Energy Demand Met 13.1% Deficit MW 10.7% Deficit Indian Power Situation (April – May 2006) MW India needs more than $225 billion to finance energy projects from 2005 to 2012

3 Geo-political issues limiting access to energy supply Power failures due to supply shortages ~ 32.5% in transmission & distribution losses –International average is approximately 8% Resource challenged State Electricity Boards –Inefficient and poorly maintained systems –Subsidized tariffs to residential / agricultural customers –Theft and uncollected bills Lack of integration between power grids Inadequate financing Environmental concerns India’s Power Sector - Major Challenges

4 Way Forward in Land of Opportunity Address unrealized as well as unmet energy needs Find innovative ways to diversify fuel dependency and generate power at reasonable marginal cost Strengthen regional and national Transmission & Distribution grid to reliably move and meter supply where it is needed Overcome geo-political and other issues to secure and transport fuel from nearby countries within South Asia or other regions Meet the energy needs of the underserved markets in rural and urban areas to fuel GDP growth Take a patient and realistic view of the time and effort required to solve challenges and implement long-term solutions

5 Rationale for involvement Underserved market Creating and serving your own demand Scalability and adaptability as a portfolio Capitalization of a niche market Strategies to employ Offer decentralized sources of energy supply using untapped, local, renewable sources including wind, solar and hydro Potential to connect to grid in the future Offer affordable energy efficiency and generation technologies and financing Rural Electrification Potential Opportunity

6 Domestic Product And Percentage Of Electrified Households 50% of Population

7 CountryGWh Electricity Consumed 2005 India519,398 Pakistan71,454 Bangladesh*16,333 Sri Lanka*6,160 Nepal*1,654 Bhutan*250 Regional Energy Needs Total Consumption Emerging Asia: 2,914 GWh Total 2025 Demand In Emerging Asia: 7,552 GWh –Net increase in demand by 159% *2003 Figures

8 The Night Sky In South Asia

9 Potential Opportunities for Energy Imports & Exports Gas pipelines Transmission grids LNG shipping Rail transport

10 Typical Profile of Tara’s International Projects Ability to leverage Tara’s extensive experience in energy and water project finance, energy trading or retail distribution Allow Tara to be a first-mover in identifying and tapping smaller, fragmented opportunities in underserved, niche segments Projects requiring patient capital with higher overall returns –A dynamic South Asian and American management team and investors/stakeholders that have cultural intimacy and experiences in India and the broader region –Greater tolerance for sovereign risk –Realistic expectations –Long-term commitment Opportunity to form strong local partnerships at grass-roots level –In the U.S., Tara’s motto is “Supporting the Community” and “Supported by the Community” –Ability to create an eco-system of support and cooperation with the local stakeholders

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