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2 O UTLINE Current Energy Scenario in India India’s Installed Generation Capacity Demand Supply Gap Energy Deficits Way forward Why Renewable Energy? Sources of Renewable Energy Aspects of Renewable Energy Regulatory Support for Renewable Energy Why Energy Efficiency? Modes of Energy Efficiency Scope of Energy Efficiency Regulatory Support for Energy Efficiency Documentary ( Role you can Play!! 2

3 B ACKGROUND India has world’s 5 th largest installed electricity capacity India is the 4 th largest energy consumer in the world after the United States, China, and Russia. Energy demand is growing at an average of 3.6 percent per annum Energy conservation potential has been assessed as 23 percent, nearly 25,000 MW A 2012 report by the IEA estimated that nearly 25 percent of the population lacks basic access to electricity, while electrified areas suffer from rolling electricity blackouts. Of the 1.4 billion people of the world who have no access to electricity in the world, India accounts for over 300 million. 3

4 4 Source: Central Electricity Authority as on February 2014; See also,

5 5 Demand-Supply Gap Source: Central Electricity Authority as on February 2014; See also,

6 6 Energy Deficit Source: Central Electricity Authority as on February 2014; See also,

7 7 Way Forward

8 8


10 W HY R ENEWABLE E NERGY ? Power Shortage Rising Prices Environmental Concerns Depleting Conventional Resources Abundance of Renewable Resources Sustainability 10

11 R ENEWABLE E NERGY Any sustainable energy source that comes from natural environment. Renewable energy is energy which comes from natural resources such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides and geothermal heat. 11

12 M AJOR R ENEWABLE E NERGY S OURCES Solar Energy Wind Energy Hydro Energy Geothermal Energy Biomass 12

13 A SPECTS OF R ENEWABLE E NERGY It exists perpetually and in abundant in the environment Ready to be harnessed, inexhaustible It is a clean alternative of fossil fuels Energy that is derived from natural process that are replenished constantly 13

14 R EGULATORY S UPPORT FOR R ENEWABLE E NERGY D EVELOPMENT Electricity Act, 2003 Promoted generation of electricity from renewable sources National Electricity Policy, 2005 The Policy emphasized on the full development of feasible hydro projects and Laid down procedures for the speedy implementation of the same Integrated Energy Policy, 2006 Emphasized use of Renewables for reducing dependence on energy imports Rural Electrification Policy, 2006 The Policy recognized that non-conventional energy sources can be appropriately and optimally utilized to make available reliable supply of electricity to each and every household 14


16 W HY E NERGY E FFICIENCY ? Convenient solution to bridge the gap between demand and supply Reduce capital investment in fuel, mining, transport, water and land required for power generation Ensure sustainable growth of country One Unit of energy saved, avoids three units of fresh capacity addition 16

17 E NERGY E FFICIENCY Energy Efficiency involves efficient utilisation of resources, which is a key to sustainable development Improving energy efficiency increases productivity, significantly reduces the green house gas emissions 17

18 M ODES OF E NERGY EFFICIENCY Demand Side Management Standard and Labelling Energy Audits Awareness and Practice 18

19 S COPE OF E NERGY E FFICIENCY Generation Transmission & Distribution Consumption 19 Improved technology with more focus on research & development Improved technology with better informed consumers to avoid electricity wastage Efficient utilisation of available resources/products

20 R EGULATORY S UPPORT FOR E NERGY EFFICIENCY D EVELOPMENT Energy Conservation Act, 2001 Established BEE, State designated consumers and funds to promote Energy Efficiency Energy Conservation Building Code sets minimum energy standards for new commercial buildings having a connected load of 100kW or contract demand of 120kVA National Mission on Enhanced Energy Efficiency The National Action Plan on Climate Change was released in June 2008. It outlines 8 Missions including National Mission on Enhanced Energy Efficiency (NMEEE). 20

21 R OLE Y OU C AN P LAY !! 21

22 G AURAV S HUKLA Thank you… 22 Go Green…

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