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The 5 Themes of Geography

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1 The 5 Themes of Geography
Location Movement Place Human-Environment Interaction Region

2 Location There are 2 ways to define location.
Absolute Location: a place’s exact position on Earth using latitude and longitude. These are imaginary lines drawn around Earth to help geographers describe places. Example: Philadelphia is located at about 39°N and 75° W on Earth. Relative Location: the location of a place relative to another place. Example: Philadelphia is located on the East Coast of The U.S


4 How can you find an exact location of a place?

5 Longitude and Latitude

6 Longitude and Latitude
Imaginary lines that are drawn around Earth to help geographers study location of places. Latitude: Horizontal lines that run EAST to WEST. Latitude is the distance north or south of the Equator, measured in units called degrees. Longitude: Vertical lines that run NORTH to SOUTH. Longitude is the distance east or west of the Prime Meridian, measured in degrees. Philadelphia is located at about 39°N and 75° W on Earth.

7 Equator and Prime Meridian
The Equator marks 0 latitude. Think of it as Earth’s belt. It runs directly around Earth’s middle. The Prime Meridian marks 0 longitude. It runs from top to bottom of Earth. Each half of Earth is called a hemisphere.

8 Place Human and physical features at a specific location.
Example (physical feature): Hawaii is an archipelago, a series of islands. Example (human feature): Hawaiian people speak the Hawaiian language and have festivals called luaus where they practice the hula dance.


10 Region A region is an area with a unifying human or physical feature such as population, history, climate, or landforms. Example: The Rocky Mountain Region in Colorado is a region of the United States.


12 Movement Movement explores how people, goods, and ideas get from one place to another. Movement helps to explain cultural changes Example #1: Computers spread information to mass amounts of people. Example #2: Foreign countries shipping goods to be sold globally. Example #3: Action News on Channel 6 reports current events.


14 Human-Environment Interaction
Considers how people affect their environment, or their natural surroundings, and how their environment affects them. Example: Students take on a recycling project and clean up a park in their town. Example: The Nile River was the source of life for the Egyptian people.


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