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Absolute Location.

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1 Absolute Location

2 Absolute location Absolute location – the exact spot at which a place is found on the globe To find absolute location geographers use a grid system using lines that run north to south and east to west This system helps you find places on the earth’s surface

3 Latitude Lines of latitude measure the distance north or south.
Equator-the line that runs across the middle of the earth and measures O degrees. The equator divides the earth into 2 hemispheres: north and south If a place is above the equator it has a north latitude, if it is below it has a south latitude.

4 Longitude Lines of longitude measure the distance east or west
Prime meridian-the line that runs north to south and measures O degrees The prime meridian divides the earth into two hemisphere: east and west If a place is east of the Prime meridian it has an east longitude, it is west of the prime meridian it has a west longitude

5 The Global Grid Every place has a global address, called the absolute location. Latitude and Longitude are measured in degrees. For more precise measurements degrees are divided into minutes. Example: Owensboro’s absolute location is Latitude: 37 degrees 46 minutes N, Longitude: 87 degrees 7 minutes W.


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