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Guy de Maupassant The Necklace.

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1 Guy de Maupassant The Necklace

2 Student Created Notebook for “The Necklace”
You will create a notebook for The Necklace. All of the assignments we complete will be kept in the student made folder. You will be responsible for all the work that should be kept in the folder.

3 You will be graded on the following items:
Grading your notebook You will be graded on the following items: The quality of the content included in your folder Table of Contents listing all of the items included in your folder Decorative/Colorful/Creative Neatness Spelling and Grammar Completion

4 What to include in your folder?
Whenever you see the folder below on a slide, it symbolizes an assignment that should be in your student created folder!

5 Vocabulary Rueful Resplendent Dejection Fortitude Disheveled
Define the following vocabulary words. Include the pronunciation key , the part of speech and the definition. Rueful Resplendent Dejection Fortitude Disheveled Profoundly

6 Quick Write #1 Pick one of the following writing stems to respond to. Your response should be half a page in length. Jealousy can lead to many conflicts because _________________. OR Learning to appreciate who we are and what we have can help us avoid conflict because ________________.

7 Notes- Literary Elements
Characterization The challenge a writer faces is how to build a character out of words, someone who will become flesh and blood and rise off the page. Direct Characterization- a writer tells us directly what a character is like or what a person’s motives are. Indirect Characterization- a writer shows us a character but allows us to interpret for ourselves the kind of person we are meeting.

8 Notes- Literary Elements
5 Methods of Indirect Characterization This occurs through the use of 5 methods: Speech How Other characters feel/think about them Appearance Actions of character Private thoughts

9 Notes- Literary Elements
Characterization However much an author decides to reveal a character classifies one into the categories of flat and round: Major characters are: Round characters have good and bad qualities. Their goals, ambitions, and values change. Changes within as a result of what happens to him/her Dynamic characters grow or progress to a higher level of understanding during the course of the story.

10 Notes- Literary Elements
Characterization Minor characters are: Flat characters have only one or two striking qualities. Their predominant quality is not balanced by an opposite quality. They are usually all good or all bad. Static characters lack depth and do not change in the course of the story.

11 Notes- Literary Elements
Characterization Protagonist The main character in the story Antagonist The character or force that opposes the protagonist. Foil A character who provides a contrast to the protagonist.

12 Now, let’s read the story!!

13 Exit Slip Vocabulary Review Rueful Resplendent Dejection Fortitude
Without looking at your vocabulary sheet, circle all of the nouns from the vocabulary words listed below on the handout provided to you: Rueful Resplendent Dejection Fortitude Disheveled Profoundly

14 Mathilde lost Forestier’s necklace at the party.
Decide whether each statement below is a fact or an inference. A fact is a statement that can be verified by checking its source and an inference is when you use clues from the story to figure out something that the author doesn't tell you. Fact or Inference Mathilde lost Forestier’s necklace at the party. Mathilde and Madame Forestier are no longer friends. Mathilde’s husband gave her 400 francs for a dress. Mathilde worked herself weary to repay her debt. Mathilde longs to be rich like her friend.

15 Story Pyramid Story Pyramid 1. Name of protagonist
1. Name of protagonist 2. Two words describing protagonist 3. Three words describing the setting 4. Four words stating the problem 5. Five words describing the first event 6. Six words describing the second event 7. Seven words describing third event 8. Eight words describing solution

16 Plot Diagram Create a plot diagram for the story “The Necklace.”
Be sure to include all elements of plot: Exposition Rising Actions (at least three) Climax Falling Action Resolution (Identify at least two conflicts in the story.) Identify: Round Character Flat Character Dynamic Charac. Static Character (use notes)

17 Advice Column Pick one of the characters in the story and write a Dear Abby letter asking for advice. In the letter reveal the character’s personality based on what we know about them from the story. You must also write a response from Abby offering some advice regarding their situation.

18 Discussion Assignment
Discuss whether you think Madame Forestier will return the real necklace to Madame Loisel. What would make her return it or what would make her keep it. Use the information that you have learned about her character to support your answer. This assignment should be long enough to thoroughly answer the question.

19 Assignment Order Title Page Table of Contents Vocabulary
Quick Write #1 Characterization Notes Fact or Inference Story Pyramid Plot Diagram Dear Abby Letter with response

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