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Literary Terms.

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1 Literary Terms

2 Theme The author’s message or reason for writing the story.

3 Setting Where and when the story took place

4 Plot The outline of events in a story

5 Protagonist The hero of the story

6 Antagonist Usually the villain (or bad person) in the story.

7 Dynamic Character Character who grows or changes through out the story

8 Static Character Character who stays the same throughout the story

9 Flat Character Character with just one trait

10 Round Character Character with many different traits

11 Conflict What the character desires and what prevents he/she from getting it.

12 Internal Conflict The conflict is in the main character who is fighting between two emotions or desires

13 Rising Action Everything that happens before the Climax; the buildup of the story.

14 Climax The turning point in the story

15 Falling Action Everything that happens after the climax.

16 Resolution How the conflict is solved

17 Exposition The beginning of the story that explains what is happening

18 Foreshadowing Clues that suggest events that haven’t happened yet

19 Symbol Anything that stands for or represents something else

20 1st Person Narrator The story is told from the character’s point of view

21 3rd Person Narrator who is outside telling the story

22 Plot Diagram

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