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The Art of Public Speaking

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1 The Art of Public Speaking
Chapters 1, 2 and Appendix 1

2 What is Public Speaking?
A way of making your ideas public Sharing ideas with other people while influencing them in some way Why is it so important? Employers look for communication skills Part of our social structure A form of empowerment

3 Public Speaking and Conversation
Similarities Organizing your thoughts logically Tailoring message to a specific audience Telling a story for maximum impact Adapting to listener feedback Differences Public speaking is more structured Public speaking requires more formal language Public speaking requires a different method of delivery

4 Developing Confidence
Nervousness is normal!!!! How you deal with it is the important part Obtain experience in public speaking Be prepared Think positively Use visualization Nervousness is not always visible Don’t expect perfection Calm yourself down before speaking

5 Speech as a Communication Process
Speaker Message Channel Listener Feedback Interference Situation


7 Importance of Ethics Ethics deal with issues of right and wrong in human affairs

8 Guidelines for Ethical Speech
Make sure your goals are ethically sound Be fully prepared for each speech Be honest in what you say Name calling and personal dignity Plagiarism

9 Incremental Plagiarism Internet Plagiarism
Global Plagiarism Patchwork Plagiarism Incremental Plagiarism Internet Plagiarism

10 Introduction Speeches
3 parts Introduction Body Conclusion

11 Introduction Speeches
Extemporaneous Speech Style Rehearsing your Speech

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