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1 Anxiety

2 What are you afraid of? At the top of your notes packet write down one thing you are afraid of and give a reason for it

3 What do these people have in common?

4 Nervousness is normal Public speaking makes most people nervous
Consistently one of the top fears of the public 2005 Gallup Poll 42% terrified of public speaking 28% scared of dying

5 “Given a choice, at a funeral most of us would rather be the one in the coffin than the one giving the eulogy” jerry Seinfeld

6 Answer these questions in your notes:
Am I nervous about speaking in public? How will I deal with the nerves?

7 Dealing with nervousness
Gain experience Prepare Think positive/use power of visualization Know that most nervousness is not visible Don’t expect to be perfect

8 tips for nervousness Be at your best physically/mentally
Quietly tighten/relax legs or hands to help release adrenaline Use deep breathing before starting Develop a strong introduction Make eye contact Concentrate on communication Use visual aids--distract audience attention from you

9 Speech communication process

10 Speaker Person who is presenting a message

11 message Whatever a speaker communicates to someone else

12 channel Means through which the message is communicated

13 Listener Person who receives the message
Impacted by Frame of Reference sum of a person’s knowledge, experience, goals, values, and attitudes different people have a different frame of reference

14 feedback Messages sent from a listener to a speaker usually nonverbal

15 interference Anything that impedes the communication of a message
External- outside your audience Internal- within your audience

16 Situation Time and place in which speech communication occurs occasion
physical setting

17 Delivery

18 what is good delivery Conveys ideas clearly, interestingly, and without distracting Some formality with attributes of good conversation Delivery is different for everyone- different styles

19 methods of delivery Reading from a manuscript Reciting from memory
Speaking impromptu Speaking extemporaneously not memorized, uses note cards for key points; remains conversational

20 speaker’s voice Volume Consider acoustics, size of room/audience Pitch
Rate How fast/slow you speak Pauses Are beneficial; make them deliberate

21 Speaker’s voice cont... Vocal Variety Don’t sound like a robot
Pronunciation Make sure pronunciation is correct Articulation Speak as clearly and distinctly as you can Dialect

22 How would you say these words?
Genuine Arctic Nuclear

23 Speaker’s body Kinesics: study of body motions as a systematic mode of communication Personal appearance dress for occasion, follow hygiene, grooming standards

24 speaker’s body cont... Movement Gestures should not be distracting
should appear natural and spontaneous Eye contact make eye contact with whole audience do this by scanning the audience

25 practicing delivery Read speech aloud
Prepare notecards with delivery cues Practice several times Polish and refine- consider practicing in front of mirror “Dress rehearsal”

26 Answering questions Formulate answers to possible questions
Practice delivery of answers

27 Questions cont... Managing Q & A approach with positive attitude
listen carefully direct answers to entire audience be honest and straightforward stay on track

28 Works Cited
c/s320/interview-attire.jpg speaking-skills.jpg rYc/UOB0LIqZjfI/AAAAAAAAAIo/G2A78rliWOo/s1600/retro-tv-icon.jpg

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