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3 OBJECTIVES n Open, rename, and save a previously saved document n Check spelling and grammar n Move the insertion point around the document n Select and delete text

4 OBJECTIVES n Reverse edits using the Undo and Redo commands n Move text within the document n Find and replace text n Change margins, line spacing, alignment, and paragraph indents n Copy formatting with the Format pointer

5 OBJECTIVES n Emphasize n Emphasize points with bullets, numbering, boldface, underlining, and italics n Change n Change fonts and adjust font sizes

6 Opening the Document 1. Place the data in the A: drive 2. Start the Word 3. Click the Open button (std. Tool bar) 4. Click the Look in list arrow 5. Click drive A: 6. Double click the folder 7. Select the file and click the Open button [document centricity]

7 Renaming the Document n Click File, Save As n Give the file a name n Click the Save button to save the new file

8 Spelling & Grammar n Place the insertion point at the beginning of the document n Click the Spelling and Grammar button on the Standard toolbar n Click change to replace errors with suggested corrections n Click OK

9 Moving the Insertion point n Use arrow keys on the keyboard n To move to beginning of the document, press Ctrl+Home keys n Press Page Down to move down to next page n Press ctrl+end to move down to the end of the document n Refer to Figures 2-6 and 2-7, pp. 2.08- 2.09

10 Delete, Undo and Redo Commands n To delete a phrase, use Select, then delete n Click the Undo button, to reverse the last thing you did n The Redo button reverses the action of Undo button

11 Moving Text within a Document n With drag and drop, select the text to be moved, hold the mouse button and drag to the selected location n To remove the text, select the text you want to move and click the Cut button n Put the insertion pointer at the target location and click Paste on the toolbar

12 Find and Replace n Click select, Find to select object menu n To find text, click Find tab n Click more to display additional options n Type the characters you want to find n Type the replacement text n Click Find Next button n Click the Replace button to substitute

13 Changing the Margins n Click File, Page Setup n Display margin settings n Use the arrows to change the settings n Make sure the Whole document option is selected in the apply to list box n Click OK

14 Changing the Margins in the annuity plan document n Select the text by clicking n Click File, Page Setup n Display the margin settings n Type 1.5 to change the top margin n Press the tab key twice to select current margin setting n Type 1.75 and press tab key n Click OK

15 Changing Line Spacing n Select the text n Click format, paragraph n Click the list arrow, click single, 1.5 or double or n Select the text n Press Ctrl+1 for single spacing, Ctrl+5 for 1.5 spacing and Ctrl+2 for double

16 Changing a document’s line spacing (WD 2.21) n Triple click in the selection bar n Click Format, Paragraph n Click indents and Spacing n Click the Line spacing list arrow to choose 1 or 1.5 or 2 line spacing n Click Ok

17 Aligning Text n Click anywhere in a paragraph of the document n Click Center on the toolbar n Click the Justify button n Move insertion point to the second main paragraph n Click the Justify button again

18 Indenting a Paragraph n Click once in the document n Click the Increase Indent on the toolbar twice, to move paragraph to the right n Click the Decrease Indent on the toolbar to move the paragraph left

19 Using Format Painter n Double click on the paragraph (select/highlight) n Double click the Format Painter button n Scroll down and click anywhere in the third paragraph n Both paragraphs are now indented and justified

20 Adding Bullets and Numbers n Select the items to be bulleted n Click the Bullets button on the toolbar n A rounded bullet appears in front of each item n Click anywhere to deselect the text n To number the items, click the Numbering button

21 Changing the Font and the Font Size n Select the text n Click the Font List arrow to display list n Click the font n Click the Font Size list arrow n Click the Font Size or n Select the text, click Format, Font n Select Font and Font Size, Click OK

22 Changing Attributes by using the Font Command n Press Ctrl+Home, select the title n Click Font list arrow n Click Arial to select as the new font n Click the Font Size arrow and Click 14 n Click Save button.

23 Emphasizing Text n Select the word or sentence n Click the Bold button n Click the Underline button n Click Italic button n Thus, the text is boldfaced, underlined and italicized n Click the buttons once again to deselect

24 Saving and Printing n Click File, Save As n Move the insertion point to the beginning of the document n Click print Preview button n Click the Print button n Click the Close button on the Print Preview toolbar and on the program window

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