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Word Processing Computer Technology.

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1 Word Processing Computer Technology

2 Word Processing What is it?
The use of computer software to enter and edit text. Microsoft Word

3 Word Window 13 14 12 1 2 15 16 3 4 11 5 7 6 8 17 20 21 19 18 22 9 10

4 Opening a File You can open an existing document by: Icon
Click on the Office button, then Open Shortcut Ctrl O

5 Saving a File You can Save a file by:
Icon Click on the Office button, then Save Shortcut Ctrl S Save a file with a new name or to a new folder Click on the Office button, then Save As

6 Editing Text Selecting Text Deselecting text
Select a word: double click on the word Select a paragraph: triple click in the paragraph Select a line: single click in the left margin Deselecting text Click anywhere in the document

7 Cut, Copy, & Paste Besides Cut and Paste, text can be dragged and dropped to other locations. Shortcut Cut Copy Paste Menu Ctrl X Ctrl C Ctrl V Right Click Icon

8 Editing Undo Command: reverses a number of recent actions.
Redo Command: reverses an undo action. Overtype Mode: replaces or types over the existing text.

9 The Clipboard When something is copied or cut from a document, it is placed on the Clipboard. Clipboard A temporary storage place in the computer’s memory.

10 Word Wrap Word Wrap allows you to type words in a paragraph continually without having to press the enter key.

11 Spelling & Grammar Check
Icon Click on the Review tab, Proofing group, then Spelling & Grammar

12 Spell Check Spell Checker Grammar Checker
Underlines the misspelled word with a wavy red line. Right click with the mouse to quickly correct the misspelled word. Grammar Checker Underlines the grammatical error with a wavy green line. Right click with the mouse to quickly correct the error.

13 Word Features AutoCorrect AutoComplete
Automatically corrects common spelling errors. The, and, . . . AutoComplete Suggests words as you are typing.

14 Alignment Alignment Icon Shortcut Center Ctrl E Left Ctrl L Right
Ctrl R Justify Ctrl J

15 More Alignment Vertical Alignment Horizontal Alignment Top and Bottom
Setting Vertical Alignment: Click on the Page Layout tab, Page Setup group, Layout button Choices for Vertical Alignment Center Top Bottom Justified Horizontal Alignment Left and Right

16 Margins Path to set Margins Default Margins
Click on the Page Layout tab, Page Setup group, Margins button Default Margins Left & Right – 1.00” Top & Bottom = 1.00”

17 Spacing Path to set Line Spacing Icon Keyboard Shortcut
Click on the Home tab, Paragraph group Icon Keyboard Shortcut Double – Ctrl 2 Single – Ctrl 1 1.5 – Ctrl 5

18 A Formatting Fonts Fonts Font Style Designs of type
Font dialog box is in the Home tab, under the Font group Font Style A set of formatting features you can apply to text to change its appearance. Bold – Ctrl B Italics – Ctrl I Underline – Ctrl U

19 More Font Stuff Format Painter Icon
Copies the style for text and allows you to copy to other text. Icon Repeat style in multiple places by clicking the Format Painter Icon twice. To change case of text use Shift F3

20 Formatting Fonts cont. . . Font size: measured by the height in points. There are 72 points in one inch Font effects: enhance your text. Shadow Strikethrough (draw a line through text) Changing Font Caps: Icon

21 Headers & Footers Headers are located at the top of the page and Footers are located at the bottom of the page. The path to create a Header/Footer: Click on the Insert tab, Header & Footer group Items to go in the Header and Footer: First and Last name Class name Class period Date Name of document

22 Printing a Document The Print Preview command allows you to look at a document as it will appear when printed. Click on the Page Layout tab, Page Setup group, Orientation button There are 2 ways to print text on a page: Portrait Orientation Longer than they are wide Landscape Orientation Wider than they are long

23 Printing Print Preview You can Print a document by: Icon
Click on Office button, then Print, Print Preview You can Print a document by: Click on the Office button, then Print Ctrl P

24 Viewing a Document There are 5 different ways to view a document:
Print Layout Web Layout Outline Draft Full Screen Reading Click on the View tab, Document Views group

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