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Parts of the Computer.

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1 Parts of the Computer

2 Keyboard The device used to type letters, numbers and symbols in the computer.

3 Mouse A small hand-held tool used to move a cursor or arrow on the computer screen and control computer functions.

4 Monitor It looks like a TV set, the monitor displays video on the screen.

5 CPU CPU stands for “central processing unit". It is the "brain" of a computer and contains much of the parts necessary for processing information.

6 Surge Protector An instrument used to protect electronic equipment from power surges.

7 Speakers A device that is connected to the computer and produces sound.

8 Wireless Router A device that allows for Internet access between computers without the need of wires.

9 DVDs Disks that store information such as music, software or videos. DVD stands for "digital video disk“.

10 Flash Drive A small tool with a large amount of memory, which is often used for moving files between computers.

11 Scanner A device that copies an image from a piece of paper and turns it into a file that can be shown on the computer.

12 Printer A device that creates text or graphics on paper.

13 Digital Camera A hand-held tool that can take and store pictures.

14 iPod A portable device that is used to store and play music files.

15 Microphone A device used to record and transmit sounds.

16 Headphones A device that is connected to the computer and produces sound. You put them over your ears.

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