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04/05/031 Computer Input and Output Dairne Jesperson Charles Darwin University.

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1 04/05/031 Computer Input and Output Dairne Jesperson Charles Darwin University

2 04/05/032 Introduction This presentation aims to: briefly explain what computer input and output is examine some of the more commonly used input and output devices to help understand these concepts.

3 04/05/033 Input Input is any data or instruction that is entered into the computers memory. Input devices are the hardware components that you use to enter the data or instructions into the computer.

4 04/05/034 Output Output is a result of: –inputting data into the computer –the computer processes the data –the computer sends out the processed information by means of an output device Output can be displayed: –on screen, –printed out, –in the form of graphics, or –voice or sound output.

5 04/05/035 Devices Input Devices Keyboard Mouse Scanner Joystick Microphone Digital camera Output Devices Computer screen Speakers Printer These are just a few of the input and output devices you may recognise

6 04/05/036 Keyboard A particular key is pressed, sending an electronic signal to the computers ‘ brain ’. The computers ‘ brain ’ interprets the signal. The computer sends back a particular letter or character which represents the signal that the computer has interpreted.

7 04/05/037 Mouse Controls the movement of the cursor on the screen – as you move the mouse, the cursor moves in the same direction. Useful in graphics programs where you can draw pictures by using the mouse as a pen or paintbrush. So called because of it ’ s shape – the wire connecting it to the computer being it ’ s tail.

8 04/05/038 Scanner Scans a picture or text. Translates information into a form the computer can understand. This information can then be –displayed on the computer screen –stored to a file –used in computer documents

9 04/05/039 Computer Screen The most obvious and useful output device, displaying text and graphics as you are working on them. Can display still or moving images.

10 04/05/0310 Speakers Speakers output sound from your computer. The speakers take the electronic signals stored on things like CD ’ s and DVD ’ s and and send them out as the sound we can hear.

11 04/05/0311 Printer This device is used for outputting text or images onto paper. Different kinds of printers produce different quality output. Laser and ink-jet printers produce the highest quality documents.

12 04/05/0312 To Summarise … input devices Machines that let you enter data are input devices output devices. Machines that show you the data in a form you can understand are output devices.

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