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IEEE Membership - Benefits & Join IEEE. The Value of IEEE Membership Knowledge... staying current with the fast changing world of technology Community.

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1 IEEE Membership - Benefits & Join IEEE

2 The Value of IEEE Membership Knowledge... staying current with the fast changing world of technology Community … unparalleled networking opportunities, and the buying power into low, members-only rates on benefits and services Profession … empowering members to build their careers, and giving back to society

3 Benefits: - Keeping Technically Current Continue to advance your career and keep abreast of new and changing technologies. Certified Software Development Professional* e-Book Classics IEEE Member Digital Library (Access to) IEEE Potentials Magazine - Digital IEEE Potentials Magazine - Print IEEE Societies* IEEE Spectrum Magazine IEEE Spectrum Magazine, digital delivery IEEE Standards* IEEE WCET Certification Program* IEEE Xplore Abstracts IEEE-USA eBooks* Proceedings of the IEEE*

4 Benefits: - Career Resources & Recognition Leadership is a skill that must be crafted over time. Keep your career moving in the right direction with IEEE career benefits and resources. Awards Career Webinars eLearning Library* Entrepreneurs Village IEEE Continuing Education Providers Program* IEEE Job Site IEEE MentorCentre IEEE Women in Engineering IEEE-HKN IEEE-USA Salary Service Member Grade Elevation myIEEE ResumeLab Student Awards, Scholarships, Fellowships

5 Benefits: - Professional Networking With other IEEE members who share similar interests, you can build a network revolving around your profession, industry or projects. Discount on IEEE Conference* GoogleApps@IEEE IEEE e-mail Alias IEEE memberNet Local Meetings Online Communities Volunteering Young Professionals (formerly GOLD)

6 Benefits: - Member Discounts IEEE members enjoy reduced rates on many proprietary products and services including IEEE books and eBooks, journals and articles, conferences and proceedings, standards, society memberships, and continuing education courses. In addition, members have access to a variety of affinity programs that offer savings. IEEE Member Discounts offer substantial cost savings on a variety of products and services as a benefit of IEEE membership. Please refer to:

7 Benefits: - Humanitarian Programs Volunteering is a rewarding way to develop interpersonal skills, create new professional relationships, and apply your expertise to help others. IEEE Humanitarian Technology Challenge IEEE MentorCentre Volunteering

8 Benefits: - Global Benefits Finder To uncover IEEE member benefits that are most relevant to you, you may use the Global Benefits finder by selecting your current career phase and country, then select "Go." Your results page will render a list of key IEEE member benefits that can help you accelerate your career plans and help you grow as a technology professional. Please visit:

9 JOIN IEEE - Join the World's Largest Professional Association. You make a difference when you join IEEE.

10 IEEE Membership Grades The IEEE offers the following grades of membership: Student Member Graduate Student Member Associate Member Member Senior Member Fellow For more details, please refer to:

11 Additional Memberships - Societies & Special Interests Society Memberships Young Professionals (GOLD) Women in Engineering Standards Membership

12 IEEE Society Membership Join an IEEE Society today and start connecting to breakthrough technical information in your technology field. Membership includes: Society peer-reviewed publications and conferences; significant discounts on society publications, conference registration, and other products (applies to many but not all Societies); an expansive professional network of worldwide technology experts in your field.

13 IEEE Society Membership 1. Aerospace & Electronic Systems 2. Antennas & Propagation 3. Broadcast Technology 4. Circuits & Systems 5. Communications 6. Components Packaging, & Manufacturing Technology 7. Computational Intelligence (formerly Neural Networks) 8. Computer 9. Consumer Electronics 10. Control Systems 11. Dielectrics & Electrical Insulation 12. Education 13. Electromagnetic Compatibility 14. Electron Devices 15. Engineering in Medicine & Biology 16. Geoscience & Remote Sensing 17. Industrial Electronics 18. Industry Applications 19. Information Theory 20. Intelligent Transportation Systems 21. Instrumentation & Measurement 22. Magnetics 23. Microwave Theory & Techniques 24. Nuclear & Plasma Sciences 25. Oceanic Engineering 26. Photonics (formerly Lasers & Electro- Optics) 27. Power Electronics 28. Power & Energy 29. Product Safety Engineering 30. Professional Communication 31. Reliability 32. Robotics & Automation 33. Signal Processing 34. Society on Social Implications of Technology 35. Solid-State Circuits 36. Systems, Man, & Cybernetics 37. Technology and Engineering Management Society 38. Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, & Frequency Control 39. Vehicular Technology

14 Join IEEE To Join IEEE, please visit: For information on IEEE Membership and Society Membership Dues, please visit:

15 Thank You.

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