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IEEE Computer Society Name Title, IEEE Computer Society The community for technology leaders.

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1 IEEE Computer Society Name Title, IEEE Computer Society The community for technology leaders

2 Your trusted source IEEE Computer Society is the computing professional’s unmatched source for:  Technology information  Inspiration  Collaboration  Career growth

3 Truly global, truly connected International reach  >450 chapters  >150 standards groups  45 Sister Societies  26 Technical Committees  13 Special Technical Communities

4 The community for technology leaders

5 Leading the way in technology The IEEE Computer Society’s 2022 report examines the future of:  Quantum computing  Software-defined networking  Internet of Things  Machine learning  Medical robotics  And 18 other technologies Download the report at

6 Setting future directions  IEEE Computer Society established Center for Secure Design in August  IEEE supports Future Directions Initiatives on:  Cloud Computing  Smart Cities  Rebooting Computing  Software-defined Networking  Transportation Electrification

7 Leading the way in online information Tech articles you choose, viewed with mobile app Conference papers you select viewed on desktop or mobile Receive journals on CDs or online

8 Computing Now The one-stop destination site with:  The latest computer news  The hottest bloggers  Practical articles  Videos and podcasts  Peer-reviewed research  Insightful opinions by leaders in the computer industry

9 Publications 13 Magazines 17 Journals Proceedings

10 Digital library  >527,000 articles  31 periodicals, with archives  4,800 conference proceedings  Search data back to 1968  RSS feeds of new content  Daily updates  Clickable math in HTML docs  Citations in multiple formats New, more user-friendly design

11 Leading the way in education & training Tech Leader Training Partner Program Training webinars Online courses

12 More options for professional development  New online learning management system  Available 24x7  Courses in cloud, software engineering, security, more  Videos, quizzes, other interactive features  PDU and CEU credit

13 Helping companies with advertising Custom events Custom webinars Custom courses

14 Career-advancing resources  Computer magazine  e-Learning Library, with hundreds of online courses  600 online books  Eight community newsletters  Discounts on publications and conferences  email alias  Membership in local chapter  Technical committees

15 Membership focus areas Building the community of leading software practitioners  Software architecture  Design  Project management Technology solutions for the enterprise  Enterprise architecture  Information systems  Programming languages  Project management Building dependability, reliability, and trust  Emerging threats  Tutorials  Case studies  Podcasts The magazine for chip and silicon systems designers  Processors  Power consumption  Semiconductors Software & SystemsSecurity & Privacy Information & Communication Technology Computer Engineering

16 Industry-focused events  Curating what industry professionals need to know  Hot topics  Top executive speakers  Actionable insights 2015 topics  Smart devices  4D Printing  Cybersecurity  Technology for business

17 Conferences Publisher  300+ conference titles per year  Print, digital, online media  Posting to digital libraries  Commercial indexing  Peer review  Now available: Mobile app and ebook options Sponsor  More than 200 technical conferences per year  Cutting-edge research topics  Peer reviewed  Backed by technical committees

18 Get involved, stay involved  Make lifelong friends  Serve on a board or committee  Join a technical committee  Organize a conference  Attend chapter meetings  Submit or review articles  Work with standards group

19 Thank you Follow us on social media Find out more at

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