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Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers Dr. Hardy J. Pottinger UMR Student Branch Counselor.

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2 Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers Dr. Hardy J. Pottinger UMR Student Branch Counselor


4 IEEE - What Good is it? l Organization » Geographical (Region, Section, Branch) » Technical Societies (Computer, AESS, PES,Comm) l Activities (Professional, Technical) » Publications, Conferences, Workshops, Meetings » Member Services, Insurance, Financial Adv. Pgm. » Peer Recognition, Honors, Awards l Membership (Your professional Society)

5 IEEE Mission Statement The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers promotes the development of electrotechnology and allied sciences, the application of those technologies for the benefit of humanity, the advancement of the profession, and the well-being of its members.

6 IEEE is International!

7 We’re in Region 5

8 Activities and Programs l Local, Area, Regional, National, Worldwide Activities l World’s Largest Technical Publisher » Spectrum, Institute newsletter, Potentials (student) l 37 Technical Societies » Provides depth where IEEE provides breadth l Professional Development » increase technical knowledge through workshops technical meetings and conferences » develop non technical skills (mgmt, mkt, comm) l Peer Recognition » local, regional, national, and worldwide awards

9 IEEE Membership l Founded 1884 l 315,000 members in 150 countries l 2500 members in St. Louis section l 200 in UMR Student Branch l Subscription to IEEE Spectrum magazine l Network with technical experts and other engineers l Low member prices on services l IEEE Financial Advantage l $19+ (student), $113+ (member) $9.50 Half year special!

10 The Electronic Connection l » » l l l l email alias:

11 GOLD Committee l G raduates O f the Last D ecade l New IEEE-USA Initiative for recent graduates l Ease the way for new grads into the network l St. Louis Connection: Ken Owens - l USA Connection: Cecelia Jankowski (

12 Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD) St. Louis Section

13 IEEE in St. Louis l Monthly Meetings l Activities »Socials –GOLD, Fish Fry and Winter Socials »Educational –GOLD Professional, PACE, and MOCON

14 IEEE in St. Louis l Section Chapters »Combined Group (LEOS, EMC, ED, AP, and MTT) »Communication Society »Computer Society »Industry Application Society »Power Engineering Society »Aerospace & Electrical Systems Society »Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society

15 How do you stay involved in IEEE after Graduation? GOLD

16 GOLD What is GOLD ? Graduates of the Last Decade is a peer group among our membership formed to help bridge the transition from student to career professional and to develop IEEE activities of interest for this peer group Professional Events Social Events RAB

17 GOLD GOLD Affinity Group l Monthly Professional or Social Meetings l Mentors for early career guidance l Disseminate information on graduate schools l Interact with related professional organizations

18 GOLD St. Louis Section GOLD Professional Meetings l Business Skills Development (Professional Licensing, Management, TQM) l Career Development l Financial Planning l Online Investing l Technologies

19 GOLD St. Louis Section GOLD Social Meetings l Sporting Events (Cards, Rams, Blues) l Dave and Busters l Science Center l Paint Ball l Casinos l Picnics l St. Louis Zoo l Golf Outings

20 GOLD 2000 St. Louis Section GOLD Calendar of Events l April 27 Dave and Busters Social l May 9 Business Skills Professional Event l June 24* Joint GOLD/Student (May 2000) Event l September ? St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Game l November 14 Career Development Professional Event l December ? December Social with St. Louis Section

21 GOLD Joint GOLD /Student (May 2001) Event l BBQ at UMR with HKN/IEEE l No Cost for Students l Free Food and Drink l Contact Jacob Olejniczak

22 GOLD How do I Join GOLD ? l Membership is free l Contact l Want to Learn More? IEEE GOLD: IEEE: Region 5: St. Louis Section:

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