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Road to Revolution What causes the colonists to revolt against British rule?

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1 Road to Revolution What causes the colonists to revolt against British rule?

2 North America in 1763 Post French & Indian War North America in 1763 Post French & Indian War * War Debt * Proclamation of 1763

3 1. Sugar Act, 1764 British need money to pay for Fr & In war Most foreign molasses is smuggled, Parliament cuts tax on British molasses Hoping colonists will pay the tax instead of smuggling it since smugglers lose right to trial by jury, plan fails Tax on documents & printed items (wills, newspapers, etc.) Early Problems for Colonists (1764-1770 ) 2. Stamp Act, 1765 First direct tax on everyday needs

4 Samuel Adams starts Sons of Liberty, a resistance group in Boston to protest the new acts 3. Townshend Acts, 1767 British repeal stamp act but pass new act taxing many items never taxed before (glass, ink, paint, paper, tea) Sons of Liberty slogan “No taxation w/out representation!”, start a boycott of British goods

5 Tar and Feathering

6 BOSTON MASSACRE Every story has two sides. Read two eyewitness accounts of what happened in Boston in 1770. Which side seemed more believable to you and why? Explain if the eyewitness accounts match the video clip. Look at the engraving by Paul Revere on the back. What side of the story does this show? Could the engraving be propaganda against the British? Why?

7 Boston Tea Party, 1773 British East India Co. losing money on tea. Parliament passes Tea Act, Colonists could only buy British Tea BEIC pays no export tax, but Townshend Act still in affect on tea Colonists dressed as Indians dump British tea into Boston Harbor (including King George’s personal tea)

8 Intolerable Acts, 1774 1.Boston Harbor is shut down 2.Quartering Act: forced colonists to house British soldiers 3.Reduced right of self-government, Mass Assembly suspended + 4. Trials moved to London Something must be done!

9 First Continental Congress, 1774 56 delegates meet in Philadelphia, agree colonist have rights If British use force, colonists should fight back Create a militia called the Minutemen

10 Lexington & Concord British increase number of troops Paul Revere’s famous ride “redcoats are coming” Lexington, MA: British troops kill 8 Minutemen Concord, MA: Minutemen attack British, kill few dozen soldiers

11 Second Continental Congress: May, 1775 Colonists debate two main issues: 1. Should we declare independence from Britain? 2. Should we work things out with King George? 2 nd Con. Congress tries #2, sends “Olive Branch Petition”. Let’s give the King another Chance I don’t think so rebel scum! King George rejects the peace offer! Bunker Hill: Deadly battle between Minutemen & Red Coats

12 Declaration of Independence: 1776 Thomas Jefferson – primary author, writes two versions Influenced by Locke’s natural rights, Magna Carta, English Bill of Rights & Common Sense Jefferson writes: People have right to life, liberty & pursuit of happiness & “All Men are Created Equal”. Ratified July 2, 1776 and adopted July 4, 1776

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